Thursday, October 6, 2011

C'Mon Get Happy! David Cassidy Sues Sony Over Partridge Family Profits

One time Partridge Family star and singer David Cassidy has filed a lawsuit against the Sony corporation claiming that he is owed millions of dollars in residual profits earned by the popular 70s television series. Cassidy, 61, became a teen heart-throb around the world as a shaggy-haired rock star, selling out concert venues and causing millions of teenaged girls to have heart palpitations at the mere mention of his name! Over the years, Cassidy has eschewed his former teeny-bopper image and appearance on the show, bristling when asked about it in interviews and looking down on his one-time fans. During the heyday of the show, Mr. Cassidy received over 30,000 fan letters a day and boasted a fan club with more members than those of Elvis and The Beatles.
He told CNN: 'It's just a matter of being fair, and doing the right thing.
'I have no other alternative if Sony is not going to be reasonable.
'I'm going to let a jury decide if David Cassidy is entitled to his fair share.
'I'm asking for fairness, I'm asking to be treated with respect as opposed to, 'we don't owe you anything.'

From the Daily Mail: 

David Cassidy Sues Sony Over Partridge Family Profits

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