Friday, October 12, 2012

Woman Receives Ten Quadrillion Dollar Phone Bill

If you think your cell phone plan is expensive with your kids always texting and downloading useless crap every few seconds, you'll be grateful that your bill has never been as high as the one a woman in France recently received!

The mademoiselle named Solenne San Jose decided that she would cancel her telephone service with French communications giant Bouygues Telecom (probably for shoddy service and continuous billing errors—just saying.) After severing her contract with the company, they promptly sent San Jose a bill in the mail for a staggering €11,721,000,000,000,000 or ten quadrillion US dollars. (That figure does indeed contain twelve sets of zeros, folks!)

After opening the bill, San Jose had a facial reaction that I imagine was quite similar to this:

"There were so many zeros I couldn't even work out how much it was," she said in an interview with French media. After taking a few nitro-glycerin pills, she contacted the company and informed them of what was obviously a colossal billing error.

That wasn't as easy as it sounds, as apparently the company felt that there was at least a slight chance that the bill was correct, but ultimately sanity prevailed and the company admitted that her bill was actually for only €117.21, or $151— and not the amount of the US trade deficit.

Everyone, go check your phone bills now...

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