Sunday, April 7, 2013

Guam Undaunted by North Korean Threat

Residents of the Pacific island nation of Guam remain undaunted after North Korea's leader Kim Jung Un listed it recently as a possible target for "nuclear annihilation" after the rouge dictatorship ratcheted up the war drums and rhetoric against Washington this week. (North Korea also listed Hawaii and the Japanese island of Okinawa as possible targets.)

Most of the island's 180,000 residents are not taking the threats very seriously, although some have made plans to seek shelter should the unthinkable happen. Most of the citizens are accustomed to the sound of fighter jets and the sight of war maneuvers, as the islands have held an American military installation since World War II when Guam officially became a US territory.

The island has since had a rather sleepy, quiet reputation. Until the brouhaha surrounding the threats from Pyongyang, the biggest threat to the island's populace has been typhoon season and an overpopulation of non-indigenous snakes introduced to the area via large cargo ships from other countries.

The White House, however, is not taking the North Korean threat quite as lightly as the laid-back citizens of Guam. Naval battleships have been dispatched to the area and an anti-missile system capable of knocking any rockets out of the sky before they reach their targets will also be installed.

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