Sunday, January 13, 2013

Land Ho! New Island Size of 25 Football Fields Emerges in North Sea

A new land mass has suddenly "emerged" from the North Sea, off the coast of Germany and Denmark. The new island has been christened Bird Island and has grown to the length of over twenty-five football fields over the course of the past several years, ecologists are saying.

The island is now home to almost fifty species of plants and wildlife is also flocking to the burgeoning ecosystem. The landmass, which is comprised mostly of sandbanks and grasses native to the region, gradually emerged from the stormy waters of the North Sea over the past few years. Biologists say that seeds blown on the often hurricane-force winds on the sea carried various seeds to the new island from across Europe, and the new flora is now flourishing on the island.

The German government want to protect the new land mass and will limit public access to the area. Scientists warn that the island is subject to the often brutal forces of the North Sea, and the grasses growing on the island do not yet have the root system necessary to bind the sand dunes that make up the island together, which leaves the island very vulnerable to tidal erosion and heavy flooding.

[Addendum: This does meet the fulfillment language in the Webbot Project's (Web Bot Project) "New Land Rising" linguistic meme and temporal marker for the onset of major global events.]

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