Sunday, January 26, 2014

World's Tallest Water Slide Looks Extremely Scary!

Video of the world's tallest, fastest water slide under construction at Kansas City's Schlitterbahn Water Park are giving a first glimpse at what will certainly be the most terrifying water slide in the world.

Appropriately named "Verrückt", German for mind-blowing, intensely insane, the slide will be an astonishing 17-stories tall. Thrill-seekers will have to climb up 264 steps to reach the top platform of the Verrückt Mega-Blaster, where visitors will load into a four-person inflatable raft for the death-defying journey down the slide, reaching speeds of up to 65 miles-per-hour! (Good thing you will be in the water, in case you pee your swimming trunks in fear!)

The new attraction is set to open this Memorial Day weekend. Watch the video below to get a first-person POV of what the thrill ride has in store for passengers!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Aquí Viene el Sol: China Debe Mostrar Vídeo del Sol en Pekín Pesadamente Contaminado

Si le gustara vislumbrar el sol en la capital China de Pekín, usted puede olvidar de simplemente alzar la vista en el cielo, cuando las posibilidades son el grande, brillante, calentando al portador de la vida será completamente escondido detrás de una capa profunda, oscura y peligrosa de la contaminación asquerosa!

¡Los niveles de contaminación en una de las ciudades del mundo más grandes son tan altos, el gobierno ha comenzado ahora a transmitir el metraje de una salida del sol hermosa en pantallas grandes en el Cuadrado Tianamen ocupado de Pekín en una tentativa de animar la población deprimida!

La nación ha estado luchando con la contaminación durante décadas, cuando las industrias y los mil millones de coches ponen muy concentraciones tóxicas de contaminadores en el aire y el agua. La calidad de aire se ha empeorado en días recientes, cuando se estancó el aire combinado con el tiempo frío, haciendo la población quemar más carbón para calentar residencias y negocios. Los rascacielos de la ciudad fueron completamente escondidos de la vista en la niebla tóxica densa, y los peatones tuvieron que llevar puestas máscaras quirúrgicas mientras andando para impedir respirar los vapores tóxicos en sus pulmones. La nube de niebla tóxica de China puede ser vista del espacio, y a menudo viaja por el viento para atizonar el aire de países vecinos Corea y Japón.

El aire peligroso y la contaminación del agua molestan prácticamente el país entero, cuando las oportunidades de avanzar la economía han sido más importantes que la protección de la calidad del ambiente natural. Este ha creado una catástrofe ambiental preocupante que muchos expertos pronostican para ponerse sólo peores y pondrán la población en peligro, en particular el muy joven y el mayor.

Here Comes the Sun: China Broadcasts Rising Sun Footage in Smog-Choked Beijing:

If you would like to catch a glimpse of the sun in the Chinese capital of Beijing, you can forget about simply looking up in the sky, as chances are the large, bright, warming bearer of life will be completely hidden behind a deep, dark and dangerous layer of disgusting pollution!

The pollution levels in one of the world's largest cities are so off-the-charts, the government has now started to broadcast recorded footage of a beautiful sunrise on large LED screens in Beijing's bustling Tianamen Square in an attempt to cheer up the put-upon and depressed population!

The nation has been grappling with out-of-control pollution levels for decades, as countless industries and billions of automobiles dump highly toxic levels of pollutants into the air. The air quality has worsened in recent days, as stagnated air combined with a cold snap, causing the population to burn more coal heaters to warm residences and businesses. The city's skyscrapers were completely hidden from view in the dense smog, and pedestrians had to wear surgical masks while out walking to keep from breathing the toxic soup into their lungs. The Chinese smog cloud can be seen from space, and often travels by wind to blight the air of neighboring countries Korea and Japan. 

Serious air and water pollution plagues virtually the entire country, as opportunities to advance the economy have taken precedence over protecting the quality of the natural environment. This has created a troubling environmental catastrophe that many experts forecast to only grow worse and will place the population at risk, in particular the very young and the elderly.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Top 10 Most Important Stories from 2013 You Didn't Hear About

There were so many important news stories from 2013, but I have selected the ones I feel are highly important —and almost completely ignored by mainstream media—from the past year:

10: Crisis in the Canary Islands: Recently-formed Underwater Volcano & Increased Seismic Activity Threatens El Hierro Island and  Residents: Full Story Here:

9: Grab That Dough: Government in Cyprus Decides to Steal 20-40% of Citizen's Bank Savings:  Full Story Here:

 8: New Island Emerges off the Coast of Pakistan after 2013's Most Powerful Earthquake: Full Story Here:

7: The Pacific Is Dead: Boat Journey from Australia to San Francisco Chronicles an Ocean Eco-System in Complete Collapse: The Pacific Is Broken:

6: The Dark Lagoon: The Once Glowing Fajardo Bio-Luminescent Lagoon in Puerto Rico Suddenly Goes Dark after Centuries of Thrilling Visitors: Full Story Here:

5: Year Without the Butterfly: The Yearly Migration of Millions of Monarch Butterflies to Mexico Sees Sudden Collapse of Colony: Shrinking Monarch Butterfly Population

4: European Science Advisory Council Warns Extreme Climate Change Threatens the Very Future of the Continent: Complete Story Here:

3: After Police Force Goes on Strike, Córdoba, Argentina, Falls into Complete Lawlessness in Less Than 24 Hours:  No Law & Disorder in Argentina

2:  Scientific American Journal Admits Chemtrails are Part of Geo-Engineering Experiment to Contain Climate Change Nightmare: We Admit It, "We're Desperate!"

1: Russian Carrier Loaded with Missiles Miles off the Coast of Britain a Few Days before Christmas, Was a War Game Move by Russian Government to Test UK Response Time: Full Story Here:

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Altered Sky: A Geo-Engineering Experiment Gone Awry

The eastern sky this morning, facing the sun. Grid pattern chemtrail spraying starts early morning and always in the direction of the rising sun. This usually starts in the pre-dawn hours, but was not observed by me during the week of Christmas and New Year. Pilots obviously had the week off from work! Guess even the massive duty of altering the climate needs a week's vacation!
The western sky away from the rising sun. Notice any differences? No chemtrails or grid patterns seen from entire western horizon. Airplanes do not fly in this region of the sky, opposite of the rising sun? Of course they do. Does this make sense? Sky is noticeably opaque now, no longer the cerulean blue of memory; color absorption from what is being sprayed into atmosphere? By early-afternoon, the grid pattern will fan out into "clouds" that will cover the entire sky horizon, filtering out the sun.
The first photograph shows heavy sky spraying, the morning before the Polar Vortex is "scheduled" to collapse in Central North America, a "rare occurrence", which will bring coldest temperatures to region in almost thirty or forty years, depending on which weather agency you hear. Rare Collapse of Polar Vortex Makes Parts of Canada & US Colder Than Mars!

In case you were wondering if I was imagining things or not, it was [quietly] confirmed in the prestigious Scientific American Journal that Geo-engineering WAS indeed taking place and would turn Earth's beautiful blue sky white: Geo-Engineering Could Turn Blue Sky White:  (Just replace the word Could with IS CURRENTLY TURNING and you have a clearer picture of what is taking place.)

My main question now is: How Is This Helping? If the main intent of the Geo-engineering program was to contain the rapid acceleration of climate change that we are all hopelessly witnessing and being victimized by, then obviously this experiment is a vast failure! Or is the intent more nefarious than what is being told? Both Russia and China have admitted to developing their own climate change programs. (The United States has not been so forthcoming.) It is not too difficult to see how this technology can be used as a weapon of mass destruction as well.

The video below is of a top Russian government official declaring on live news that the nation did possess a climate weapon, capable of crippling another country, mainly the United States. 

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