Sunday, January 5, 2014

Top 10 Most Important Stories from 2013 You Didn't Hear About

There were so many important news stories from 2013, but I have selected the ones I feel are highly important —and almost completely ignored by mainstream media—from the past year:

10: Crisis in the Canary Islands: Recently-formed Underwater Volcano & Increased Seismic Activity Threatens El Hierro Island and  Residents: Full Story Here:

9: Grab That Dough: Government in Cyprus Decides to Steal 20-40% of Citizen's Bank Savings:  Full Story Here:

 8: New Island Emerges off the Coast of Pakistan after 2013's Most Powerful Earthquake: Full Story Here:

7: The Pacific Is Dead: Boat Journey from Australia to San Francisco Chronicles an Ocean Eco-System in Complete Collapse: The Pacific Is Broken:

6: The Dark Lagoon: The Once Glowing Fajardo Bio-Luminescent Lagoon in Puerto Rico Suddenly Goes Dark after Centuries of Thrilling Visitors: Full Story Here:

5: Year Without the Butterfly: The Yearly Migration of Millions of Monarch Butterflies to Mexico Sees Sudden Collapse of Colony: Shrinking Monarch Butterfly Population

4: European Science Advisory Council Warns Extreme Climate Change Threatens the Very Future of the Continent: Complete Story Here:

3: After Police Force Goes on Strike, Córdoba, Argentina, Falls into Complete Lawlessness in Less Than 24 Hours:  No Law & Disorder in Argentina

2:  Scientific American Journal Admits Chemtrails are Part of Geo-Engineering Experiment to Contain Climate Change Nightmare: We Admit It, "We're Desperate!"

1: Russian Carrier Loaded with Missiles Miles off the Coast of Britain a Few Days before Christmas, Was a War Game Move by Russian Government to Test UK Response Time: Full Story Here:

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