Monday, October 31, 2011

Gays of Our Lives: NBC Soap to Reveal 2nd Gay Character

Photo Credit NBC

"Like Sands Through the Hourglass, So Are the Gays of Our Lives..."

NBC's warhorse daytime drama Days of Our Lives has revealed that a second gay character will be on the canvas of the venerable soap opera. The long-running series-the last soap on the Peacock Network- added its first openly gay character Sonny (played by actor Freddie Smith) in June of this year, and rumors were rife that Sonny would soon have a boyfriend. Now, the identity of the new gay character has been revealed as none other than Will Horton, played by handsome, Emmy-nominated actor Chandler Massey [pictured above].

Will’s sexual orientation will become quite obvious to loyal viewers of the show as well as his family and friends but his journey toward self-acceptance is expected to unfold slowly over the next few weeks. Will is a member of the show's core Horton family, with connections to many of the series' most important characters.

The storyline comes as a surprise, as the series has long been known for its very conservative and traditional approach to storytelling (except for the occasional lapse into devil possession and mind control through implanted brain chips). With two talented actors as Smith and Massey at the helm of the exciting new evolution, this fascinating storyline is certain to garner the soap many new-found fans. 

American Horror Story Gets Full Second Season

Good news for fans of the Gothic series An American Horror Story... the FX Network has renewed the show for a full Season Two, 13 episodes! The spooky series starring Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton, Zachary Quinto and Academy Award winning actress Jessica Lange has already been both a critical and commercial success, so the decision to renew was an easy one. This is quickest the FX Network has ever renewed a show, as they normally wait for a half season before deciding to bring a series back.

The Network is featuring a special mini-marathon of all the broadcasted shows this evening, in honor of Halloween. If you haven't caught the show yet, I would suggest doing so this evening, for an extra-spooky delight (especially that full body latex wearing spirit in the advertisements!). Since its debut, each episode of the show is averaging about 4.2 million viewers, one of the highest ratings for any FX series to date.

Signs of 2nd Eruption of El Hierro Volcano in Canary Islands

 A second volcanic eruption off the coast of the island of El Hierro in the Canary Islands could be on the point of happening, scientists warned today.

The stark warning came just over a week after the end of the first eruption, which forced a village on the island closest to the volcano to be evacuated.

An off-shore, underwater eruption of the volcano was first observed on October 10, after weeks of earthquakes and harmonic tremors had been detected. Even after the first eruption came to an end last week, the tremors and earthquake swarms continued. Signs also indicate that if another eruption is to occur, it will take place at a different location to the north of the last eruption.
Experts have met with government members of the Canary Islands to discuss the new developments. Contingency plans have been put into place should the situation worsen and a full scale evacuation of the island is needed. El Hierro is the smallest of the Canary Islands and has a population of approximately 10,000 residents. 

There is evidence of at least three major landslides caused by the volcano that have affected El Hierro in the last few hundred thousand years. The most recent of these was the 'El Golfo' landslide that occurred about 15 thousand years ago, involving collapse of the northern flank of the island, which is believed to have created a tsunami estimated to have reached a height of 100 meters (328 feet).

The 7 Billion Club: Earth's Population Reaches Troubling Level

Meet Danica May Camacho, who enters the world as the planet's 7 billionth citizen, which surpasses the all-time landmark for Earth's human population. Little Danica was born two minutes before midnight local time to mother Camille and father Florante in Manila, the Philippines. 

The Asian nation is the world's 12th most populated, with an estimated population of 91,983,100, according to the most recent census statistics available. The parents and the newborn baby were met by United Nations officials in the Philippines, who presented the child with a small cake detailing her special honor. Also on hand to witness the ceremony was 12-year-old Lorrize Mae Guevarra, who was declared the world's symbolic six billionth baby in 1999 and is now in the sixth grade, meaning the world's population swelled by a billion people in only twelve years, a shocking statistic.

News of the world's seven billionth citizen comes just as the USDA releases a frightening report about the cost of food, which they anticipate will increase by up to 4.5 percent over the next two years.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oopsies: Cristiano Ronaldo Accidently Forwards Nude Pics of Fan to Everyone in Address Book

Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has been caught up in a bit of a scandal after sending partially nude pictures of a Dutch fan to everyone in his address book, including his beautiful fiancée, model Irina Shayk! It seems that the enamored female fan sent the semi-nude photographs as an enticement for the Portuguese footballer to have a relationship with her. The pictures reportedly show the very attractive female fan in a variety of semi-naked poses, in some wearing a provocative tight T-shirt emblazoned with the words 'too hot to handle'.  

Apparently, Ronaldo, who is said to be worth more than $130 million, wasn't interested in a mindless hook-up with some random woman, but instead of deleting the e-mail invitation, he accidentally forwarded the mail with the naughty pics to all of his friends, family, team mates and business associates! The 26-year old athlete, who plays for team Real Madrid in Spain and has a one-year-old son, is set to marry model Irina next July on an island near his native Madeira. 

"Darn right, I'm sexy!"

He's Melting: Justin Bieber Wax Figure Revealed

Photo Credit: Fotonoticias/Getty Images
I recently blogged about The Top 10 Wax Figure Fails. Looks like I'll have to add an 11th celebrity to the list. Madrid's Museo de Cera (Wax Museum) unveiled a Justin Bieber wax figure this week, and I have to say, it's a major fail! It looks quite creepy (maybe it's a Halloween prank!) and doesn't really capture the charm or non-threatening cuteness of the actual Bieber. Still, I imagine thousands of teenage fans will collapse into tears at the sight of the figure, but to me, it looks like the girl that Principal Rooney mistook for Ferris at the arcade in the 80s classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off...

 That's actress Debbie Montague, by the way...

The Real World Is Ugly: MTV Reality Star Files Rape Lawsuit

A former Real World star has filed a lawsuit against the MTV network, Bunim/Murray Productions and her former co-stars Evan Starkman and Kenneth Santucci, claiming she was subjected to a sexual assault which was covered up by MTV and the production company responsible for the show.

Tonya Cooley, a cast member of Real World: Chicago as well as Real World/Road Rules Challenges, claims that while she was passed out, both Starkman and Santucci "took another male participant's toothbrush and rubbed the toothbrush around the plaintiff's [Cooley] genitals, including rubbing her labia and inserting the toothbrush into plaintiff's vagina." Cooley also claims that the incident was recording on video and that the producers of the show decided to turn a blind eye and attempted to cover up the sexual assault.

The lawsuit also alleges that female cast members were often ordered to strip out of their clothing and producers encouraged the male cast members to "inappropriately touch female cast members' bodies, including in intimate areas. Website TMZ reports that Cooley is suing for unspecified damages.

Winter Now Starts in October: Over Three Million without Power in North East Snowstorm

It doesn't bode well for the winter season if a large swathe of the nation is already being crippled by winter weather...before Halloween!

A rare winter storm (Personally, I believe there is no such thing as "rare weather events" anymore, seeing that they are now taking place every day) has left over three million people without electricity and created travel chaos for millions throughout the Northeast US, who have already endured an earthquake & hurricane in the past few months. The storm, normally associated with mid-winter, struck a large area of the US, dropping snow from Virginia all the way to Maine. New York City experienced snow in October for only the fourth time since the Civil War, and the record for snow amount total  for the month was broken. Hundreds of thousands of homes are still without power in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. 

The storm left JetBlue Airline passengers stranded on the tarmac for more than seven hours after their flight had to be diverted to Connecticut's Bradley International Airport from Newark, New Jersey due to the bizarre weather. Annoyed and worried passengers began to call 911, informing dispatchers that they were trapped on board the airplane.

Keep monitoring this blog, as I'm certain I will be reporting on more and more strange weather occurrences that will undoubtedly take place throughout the upcoming winter season...

Meow! Puss in Boots Scares off Paranormal Activity to Top Halloween Box Office

"I am so devilishly handsome, ¿Sí?"
Halloween weekend is usually scary business at the movie theater, but this year a shoe wearing feline beat out the spooky ghost story to claim Number One at the box office!

DreamWorks animation's Puss in Boots featuring the voices of Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek looks to rake in between $35-$38 million at the box office over the Halloween weekend, beating out the third installment of the ghost story franchise Paranormal Activity by a few million dollars! Guess all the Mommy's and Daddy's decided they had better give their kids an extra treat this Halloween so they would not receive any tricks later! Justin Timberlake and Johnny Depp also were beaten out by Puss in Boots, with relatively weak showings from their respective debuts In Time and The Rum Diary. Never underestimate the power of the Cat!

For more, visit

Puss in Boots Claws to Number One

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Grounded: Quantas Strike Leaves 70K Travelers Stranded

Thousands of passengers from around the world have been grounded due to Australian carrier Quantas' strike, causing travel chaos Down Under and elsewhere.

The Australian national carrier decided to halt its fleet of 108 aircraft indefinitely until unions representing pilots and ground staff reach an agreement with the airline over pay and conditions. Among the 70,000 global passengers affected by the 600 cancelled flights are 17 Commonwealth leaders stranded in Perth following an economic summit there. The Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard issued a dire warning over the strike's impact saying it could hurt the country’s economy, saying "The Qantas dispute escalated today and I am concerned about that for the national economy ... it could have implications for our national economy."

Airplane travel is a nightmare enough during normal circumstances these days, so we hope a quick resolution to the strike can be found to save travelers from any more headaches...

Snow on the Pumpkin: Rare October Snow Storm to Blanket East Coast

A classic nor’easter is chugging along up the East Coast of the United States and expected to dump anywhere from a dusting of snow to about 10 inches throughout the region starting Saturday, a decidedly unseasonal date for a type of storm more associated with midwinter.

New York has today been hit by snowfall before Halloween for only the fourth time since the time of the US Civil War. The entire North East of the nation is bracing for a chilling weekend as 60 million people are expected to experience a rare October snowstorm, which will unleash heavy, wet snow and wind.
New England has already been struck by a very early snowfall and 10,000 residents in Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia were today without power after snow, according to
This weekend looks set to see huge amounts of sleet and snow covering the North East, invariably causing power outages and travel chaos. Some areas bracing for up to a foot of snow.

The weather keeps getting stranger and stranger...

Tower of Terror: Actor Josh Charles & Others Survive 8 Floor Elevator Plunge

The Good Wife actor Josh Charles and director David M. Rosenthal survived a terrifying eight floor elevator plunge in New York City's Gramercy Hotel! It seems a group of people including the actor and director had been attending the premiere of the new film Janie Jones in the Big Apple when a very large man and his girlfriend attempted to squeeze into the elevator already occupied by Charles, Rosenthal and at least ten other people. Apparently, the extra weight was too much of a strain on the elevator, causing it to free fall eight stories down the shaft with the doors still open! The elevator stopped before reaching the bottom floor. Luckily, no one was injured in the unscheduled plummet, but I imagine the group will be taking the stairs for the foreseeable future! 

Sandra Bullock Gives One-Year-Old Son $14 Million Early Christmas Present

Sandra Bullock has given her one-year-old adopted son Louis an early Christmas Andy Warhol painting worth more than $14 million! It seems the 47-year-old superstar actress decided to snap up the pricey Warhol painting at the amfAR Inspiration Gala where she presented a tribute to the late Elizabeth Taylor, who passed away earlier this year. The bidding became hot and heavy for the painting, with the money raised going to fund Taylor's AIDS charity. Needless to say, Bullock came out with the winning eight-figure bid, and gifted the work of art to her infant son! Not sure if Sandra will want to tuck the priceless painting under the tree or let adorable little Louis play with the painting this Christmas (my bet would be no!)...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dude Looks Like a Train Wreck: Steven Tyler Reveals New Look after Nasty Fall

Photo Credit: NBC
Aerosmith lead singer and American Idol judge Steven Tyler has revealed his pretty ghastly new look after taking a tumble in a hotel room shower in the South American nation of Paraguay. The 63-year-old singer revealed a nasty black eye, cuts above his brow and a cracked tooth just in time for the Jack-O-Lantern Halloween look! Tyler denied that any alcohol or drugs were involved in the incident, telling The Today Show's  Matt Lauer, "Just quite frankly I passed out... I fell on my face, I woke up with the water running on me, not knowing where the hell I was." 

On rumors that drugs or alcohol were involved, the outspoken star said, "Being in the program I'm in, it's something we have to accept. I went public with my problems only to address them straight on -- people thinking [I relapsed] is natural and normal."

Tyler consulted a top dentist in Paraguay, who did an excellent job replacing the missing part of his tooth, we are happy to report. We are sure he will look in top form for his return to American Idol. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Man in the Mirror: Michael Jackson Tops Forbes List of Highest Earning Deceased Celebrities

For the second year in a row, Michael Jackson has earned the top spot on Forbes magazine list of highest earning deceased celebrities. The estate of the superstar singer, who died June 25, 2009, earned an estimated $170 million over the past year, through record sales as well as licensing rights and Jackson's lucrative stake in the Sony music catalog. As impressive as the sum of $170 million is, it's actually a steep decline from the amount the estate brought in last year, which was estimated to be a staggering $275 million in revenues! Unfortunately, the largest portion of that amount was taken to pay off the incredible debt Jackson had accrued over the past several decades, in particular the millions of dollars the star spent defending himself in court on molestation charges.

The number two spot on Forbes list went to perpetual top earner Elvis Presley ($55 million), with Marilyn Monroe at number three with earnings of $27 million.

Livin' La Vida Guevara: Ricky Martin Returns to Broadway as Che Guevara in Evita

Superstar singer Ricky Martin is planning a return to the Broadway stage, this time in the iconic role of revolutionary Che Guevara in the upcoming revival of Evita. The 39-year-old Puerto Rican star previously starred in Broadway in the romantic lead role of Marius Pontmercy in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Le Miserable. The play is already in rehearsals and a sneak peek video of the production can be seen over at Perez Hilton. It has been a busy year for the Out and Proud Martin, who has been promoting the paperback version of his bestselling autobiography Me as well as raising his two adorable sons, Matteo and Valentino.
We are sure Ricky will blow the critics away with his performances in Evita.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's in the Bag: NYC Writer Gets Rude Note from TSA Agents Who Found Private Item in Luggage

A New York writer and lawyer has revealed the crude note left in her luggage after TSA agents discovered a "sex toy" packed away in her suitcase. New York writer and lawyer Jill Filipovic says she found the embarrassing note when she arrived in Dublin, Ireland, after a flight from the US. On the inspection notice attached to her suitcase someone had scribbled the message "Get your freak on, girl!", apparently in reference to the sex toy they obviously uncovered. 

Jill took to twitter, posting the following message with a picture of the offending note to her account: "Just unpacked my suitcase and found the following note from TSA. Guess they discovered a 'personal item' in my bag. Wow!" Filipovic told journalists she believed the remark to be 'offensive', and plans to file an official complaint with the Federal Bureau of Aviation. 

 The inspection card is inserted by TSA inspectors to alert travelers if their bags have been searched. However, the spokesman said there was not yet evidence as to who wrote the note. A statement from the agency reads: 'TSA takes all allegations of inappropriate conduct seriously and is investigating this claim.'

Fan Killed Outside Britney Spears Concert in Dublin, Ireland

A sad, unfortunate incident to report: A concert-goer was killed outside of the 02 concert arena in Dublin, Ireland, last night after attending a Britney Spears concert. The thirty-one year old fan named Siobhan Healy had attended the Britney Spears concert for her End of the World Tour and was apparently riding on a fairground ride set up for attendees of the concert outside of the venue when she fell to her death. An official  investigation has been launched as to the cause of the tragedy. The accident happened after huge swathes of the east of Ireland were hit by almost a month's rain in 24 hours. Fans waiting to enter the venue earlier in the evening were battered by the heavy rain which caused widespread flooding and left public transport severely disrupted. Our condolences to Siobhan's family and loved ones.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Channel Your Inner Lumberjack with New Beardo Face Warmer

Truth or Boos: Madonna Booed at London Premiere of New Film She Directed

International superstar Madonna is used to receiving all sorts of reactions from fans (or otherwise) and she should definitely be accustomed to negative reviews for her acting ability. (Shanghai Surprise, Who's That Girl? Body of Evidence ring any bells?) Still, she probably wasn't expecting to receive a loud round of boos at the London premiere of the film she has directed, W.E.. a semi-biography of the life of the former Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson. The film has already been widely panned by critics from around the world who have seen the movie, so perhaps the former Material Girl should have anticipated the reaction she received at the London premiere. Looking stunning in a L'Wren Scott dress and flawless hair and makeup, the fifty-three-year-old star  didn't appear to be ruffled when her appearance on the Red Carpet brought out "Boos!" from the lively crowd. Despite the negative reviews and reactions, Madonna enjoys the directing process and plans to direct more projects in the future. The negative publicity comes hot on the heels of the news that Madonna's older brother Anthony Ciccone is homeless and living on the streets in Madonna's home state of Michigan! Maybe this is payback for her infamously temperamental reaction to a fan handing her a bouquet of hydrangeas during the Venice film festival!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Time Machine: Forgotten 80s Matthew Perry Sitcom Predicted Gaddafi's Death to the Year

A long forgotten 80s sitcom starring Friends actor Matthew Perry eerily predicted the exact year of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi's death! The sitcom Second Chances which aired for only one season during 1987-1988 was about a man who dies in a hovercraft accident in the year 2011, only to come back to life in 1987 to help the younger version of himself make things right. Matthew Perry played the younger version of the older man who died.

In the pilot episode of the series, a scene set in Heaven involves the death of Gadaffi, who is said to have died in the year 2011 and receives a punishment from St. Peter: He is forced to live eternity as a bomb. As Gaddafi was the world's top Bad Guy back in 1987 (Saddam Hussein would usurp that title a few years later), the joke was a smashing success.

You can watch the oddly prescient clip featuring the Gaddafi gag over on You Tube:

Reports of Gaddafi's Death Coming Out of Libya

Multiple reports are coming out of Libya that dictator Muammar Gaddafi has been captured and killed by rebel forces in the town of Sirte. Reports are saying he died from his wounds inflicted after his capture in his hometown of Sirte. His capture and death is the single most dramatic moment in the Arab Spring uprising, which started in Egypt earlier in the year and has quickly spread throughout the Middle East. More information from Reuters:

Libyan Dictator Gaddafi Reported Killed

18 Years After Death, River Phoenix's Final Movie May Star Brother Joaquin

Photo 1987/People Magazine
Almost 18 years after his death, the final film of talented actor River Phoenix might be completed, with a bit of help from Phoenix's surviving brother, Joaquin. River Phoenix was only twenty-three years old when he died of a drug overdose outside of Johnny Depp's popular Viper Room Club in 1993 while working on the film Dark Blood. After Phoenix's death, the film remained unfinished. The film's original director, George Sluizer, recently told The Hollywood Reporter that he is currently making plans to complete the movie with help from Joaquin to do voice overs. "The voices of both brothers are very much alike," says the director, who has stayed in close touch with the Phoenix family over the years. Sluizer, director of the original, Dutch-language version of the acclaimed psychological thriller The Vanishing, states if Joaquin agrees to do the voice over, the film could see a release date as early as next year.

During his life, River Phoenix was considered one of the most talented actors of his generation, starring in the classic films Stand by Me and My Own Private Idaho. He earned an Academy Award nomination at the age of 18 for the film Running on Empty.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

No We Can't (Watch the Kardashians): President Obama No Fan of Kardashian Family

Photos: Getty Images

The First Lady Michelle Obama let it slip that her husband isn't a fan of the Kardashian family or their TV reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Speaking at a public roundtable convened by,the First Lady explained that she and husband Barack Obama have differing views when it comes to what their children Sasha and Malia can watch on television. While not stating what the First Couple enjoyed watching on television together, she did reveal that the Commander in Chief was not a fan of television's most fame-seeking, money-clutching family with no discernible talents. "Barack really thinks some of the Kardashians -- when they watch that stuff -- he doesn't like that as much," she said. No word on what Kim K thinks about the First Lady's comments on twitter, where she has more than 10 million followers and is quite the prolific tweeter...

C'est une fille! French First Lady Carla Bruni Has Baby Girl

The wife of French president Nicolas Sarkozy has delivered a baby girl in Paris. Sarkozy's wife, France's Premiere Dame Carla Bruni, kept information regarding her pregnancy and delivery tightly under wraps, even from France's intruding press. She has claimed in interviews that there will be no official photographs of the child released to the press. Bruni, 43, was a former supermodel and pop singer before marrying the French politician Sarkozy, who would later become president of France.

Ms. Bruni-Sarkozy has a 10-year-old son, Aurelien, with a former lover, the philosopher, Rafael Enthoven. Mr. Sarkozy has two sons, 26-year-old Pierre and Jean, 25, from his first marriage to Marie-Dominique Culioli, and a third, 14-year-old Louis, from his second to Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz.

President Sarkozy didn't have much time to celebrate, however. After spending a bit of time with wife and newborn daughter, he had to take off to Germany for an important, prearranged meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel regarding the European debt crisis. 

Mr. Mormon Brightside: The Killer's Brandon Flowers Stars in New Mormon TV Ads

The Killers' lead singer Brandon Flowers is appearing in a new advertising campaign for the Church of Latter Day Saints. Flowers appears with his wife Tana and their three children in promotional videos that appear on the official website of the church, The "Mr. Brightside" singer grew up in the Mormon faith in his native Nevada. The videos appear after an outpouring of negative comments have been made about the faith in light of Mormon Mitt Romney's candidacy for the US presidency.

Fans often mistakenly believe that Flowers left the Mormon Church to pursue his career as a rock star, but nothing could be further from the truth. "There are a lot of connotations that come along with pop music and rock music, and its usually sex driven or money driven," he explains. "I realized early on that wasn't the road for me, maybe because of the foundations that were laid early on, or [memories of] my mom and dad taking me to church."

You can see the videos featuring Flowers on

Age Is Only a Number: Unnamed Actress Sues Website for Revealing True Age

An unnamed Hollywood actress has filed a million dollar law suit against popular website (Internet Movie Data Base). Apparently, the botox babe, who is in her forties, doesn't appreciate the web site, which compiles information about actors, revealing her true age! The actress claims that she looks much younger than her real age and that casting agents and producers or directors won't hire her for film work if they knew her real age! Although the actress' name is not revealed in the suit, it is revealed that she is originally from Texas and is of Asian descent.

The actress claims she signed up for the ‘pro’ edition of imdb in 2008 but did not give her age. She claims that imdb then cross-referenced her name against public records and credit card details to uncover her true age and posted it online. After repeated requests for it to be removed were denied, she decided to take legal action.

Seeing that lying about your age is a Hollywood standard, does anyone care if someone is over the age of forty?

Boulevard of Acting Dreams: Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong to Co-Star on Nurse Jackie

Courtesy of twitpic
Green Day lead singer/song writer Billie Joe Armstrong is the latest rocker to catch the acting bug. Word is, Armstrong will be guest-starring on the season premiere of the Showtime television series Nurse Jackie, which stars Emmy-winner Edie Falco. Billie Joe last acted in the Grammy-winning Broadway stage play based on the hit Green Day album American Idiot. No word on the character Armstrong will be playing or if the character will be recurring or not.

Nurse Jackie executive producer Richie Jackson tweeted a photo of Armstrong with Nurse Jackie herself,  actress Edie Falco, writing, “Edie and our new cast member @BJAOfficial! Wait til you see the season premiere!”

Royal Message Down Under: Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip Take Possible Final Tour of Australia

Queen Elizabeth and husband Prince Philip endured a grueling 24-hour flight before arriving in the Commonwealth of Australia for possibly their final Royal tour of Down Under. The 85-year-old monarch and the 90-year-old Duke of Edinburgh didn't look any worse for wear after the long flight, arriving in Perth, Western Australia, where they commenced an 11 day tour of the nation. Even though she is amazingly fit and mobile for her age, many experts believe this will perhaps be the Queen's final official visit to Australia, and she will more than likely start to pass off some of her royal duties to other, younger members of the Royal Family.

For the full story, visit The Daily Mail:

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip Arrive for Tour of Australia

Daylight Come & He Want to Go Home: Harry Belafonte Falls Asleep During TV Interview

Legendary singer and entertainer Harry Belafonte has obviously been burning the Midnight Oil a bit much as of late. The 84-year-old star has been busy promoting his new autobiography My Song: A Memoir. It all became too much for the entertainer, apparently. As he was scheduled for an interview with a television station in Bakersfield, California, he took a little nappy-poo in the New York studio where he was located. The news anchors tried valiantly to wake Mr. Belafonte over the satellite feed, even singing his classic "Day-Oh!" opening from his "The Banana Boat" calypso standard, to no avail.

Belafonte's reps claim that he was not sleeping but meditating and that his ear piece failed to work, so he didn't realize the interview had begun. You can watch the video of the "interview" on YouTube below:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake: Billionaire's Daughter Poses Nude with £1 Million Cash

While the Occupy Wall Street continues to grow and people all around the world join in the struggle to overcome the tyranny of Big Bankers that has left billions suffering and dying in abject poverty, the utterly and completely clueless daughter of Formula One UK billionaire Bernie Ecclestone has posed nude...with a million pounds in cash.

Famed photographer Tyler Shields took the candid shots of Tamara Ecclestone lying in a bed covered in £1 million notes, an homage to the Demi Moore/Robert Redford film An Indecent Proposal. (It's a given that analogy was completely lost on Ecclestone.) When the photographer wondered where they would come up with the money for the photo-shoot, Ms. Ecclestone casually informed him that she had the cash "just lying around". The plastic mannequin-like Ecclestone is also seen wearing her $10,000 Christian Laboutin heels while frying an egg and sweeping the floor, two menial chores we are absolutely certain she has never done in her life, especially when "lesser" people can do it for her. Isn't life grand?

"Let them eat cake" has never sounded more cruel...

Photo Courtesy of The Daily Mail/The Sun

For the full story, visit The Daily Mail:
Clueless: Tamara Ecclestone Poses Nude with Big Bucks

Monday, October 17, 2011

T Rex Was Bigger, Faster, Nastier & Hungrier Than Thought

The nasty dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex was bigger, faster and hungrier than previously thought, scientists are reporting.

Using three-dimensional laser scans and computer modeling, UK and US researchers compared statistics of five T. rex specimens, including the Chicago Field Museum's famous "Sue," the largest and most complete T. rex skeleton ever to be discovered. The tests concluded that "Sue", who roamed what is now the Great Plains of North America, would have weighed more than 9 tons, some 30% more than previously believed.

Further evidence suggests that the T rex also matured and grew at a faster rate than thought. "At their fastest, in their teenage years, they were putting on 11 pounds or 5 kilograms a day," John Hutchinson of the Royal Veterinary College in London told Reuters.

The latest research, published online in the journal PLoS ONE, adds to the body of evidence that has made T. rex among the most intensively studied of all dinosaurs. If the fourth installment of Jurassic Park ever gets made, we're sure Steven Spielberg will use this information to make the dino-bad boys even scarier!

Drop It Like It's Hot! Snoop Dog Stopped at Norway Border for Carrying Too Much Cash

Rap superstar Snoop Dog had to "drop it like it's hot" while trying to enter Norway for a scheduled appearance at an Adidas superstore in Oslo. Seems like border patrol agents thought the Doggfather was carrying way too much bling to be allowed entry into the Scandinavian nation. Snoop immediately took to twitter looking for some assistance: "At the Norway border right now being sweated for havin 2much money!!” he tweeted: "Norway standup 4 the biggdogg the border guys r cool but they talkn bout [takin] my $$!! That aint rite!! Norway standup 4 the biggdogg!! they [makin] me late 4 this adidas instore autograph signin!” The tweeting must have worked, because he was eventually allowed entry into the country. Snoop apologized to his fans for his late arrival but quickly made up for it by being all Snoop-like and all was forgiven.

Snoop is no stranger to having problems crossing borders. After a three-year battle, Snoop was allowed last year to travel across the Big Pond after a UK Border Agency banned him from Britain because of his 2006 arrest stemming from a brawl with police at a London airport.

Big Mac TV: McDonald's Plans to Launch TV Network

Fast food chain McDonald's has announced plans to launch McTV, a new high-definition network that will play at restaurants throughout California. The network will feature locals news, sports, weather and celebrity entertainment stories to entertain the masses that will be schlepping their way through the eatery while eating fat-laden burgers and greasy fries. Survivor and The Apprentice producer Mark Burnett is joining forces with BBC America and KABC TV to bring the exclusive network to 800 of the Golden Arches restaurants in the Golden State as a test market before launching it across the US. No word if they plan to broadcast any features on health, fitness, nutrition or exercise!

Hey, Cupcake! How Much Do You Love Me? Woman Arrested for Pelting Hubby with Cupcakes

We've heard of using the term of endearment "cupcake" to address your wife or husband, but we've never heard of them being used as a weapon in a domestic violence case!

Arturo Montesdeoca called the police to notify them that his wife Dawn had assaulted him at their Chicago residence. When the police arrived at their home they discovered Arturo covered head to toe in delicious frosting! Seems Dawn became angry with Arturo and decided to get all Candyland's Revenge on her husband by throwing the yummy, delicious sweets at her [former] sweet. The cops hauled her away, but she was soon out of jail after posting a $10,000 bond. No more trips to Gumdrop Mountain or Molasses Swamp for Mrs. Montesdeoca!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Alaskan Seals Arriving on Beach Dying from Mystery Disease

Photo Credit: National Geographic
US environmental agencies are investigating the cause of a mystery illness that is killing seals in Alaska. Since July, over 107 ringed seals have been found dead, while countless others have been spotted suffering from loss of fur and skin lesions covering their mouths and flippers. Others have shown signs of intense lethargy and labored breathing before dying.

Similar cases of the mystery illness have been reported in Russia and Canada, as well as in some walruses in Alaska. Laboratory tests to discover the disease's origin have so-far proven "inconclusive," and officials said it is not known if the condition can be passed from the seals to human beings. The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration in the US has advised local indigenous people as well as tourists not to eat or handle any sick animals until more is known about what is causing the deaths.

Larry Hagman Announces He Is Battling Cancer

Legendary Dallas and I Dream of Jeannie actor Larry Hagman has publicly announced he is is battling cancer. The 80-year-old star released the following statement yesterday regarding his diagnosis:
"As J.R. Ewing I could get away with anything — bribery, blackmail and adultery. But I got caught by cancer." Although declining to specify exactly what type of cancer he has, Hagman was optimistic on his prognosis, saying it's "a very common and treatable form of the disease." Several years ago, he suffered kidney failure and was saved by a last-second transplant that gave him a new lease on life. The actor says he will continue working on the TNT cable network's resurrection of the hit prime time soap Dallas, which is set to debut early next year. The show featuring the exploits of the oil-rich Ewing clan was a smash hit in the ratings during the 70s and 80s and reunites Hagman with former co-stars Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Amazon Rainforest Set to Move Like Jagger: Sir Mick Announced As Eco-Ambassador

Sir Mick Jagger has a new title, as the honorary tourism ambassador for the threatened Amazon rainforest.

The 68-year-old rock superstar was honored with the unique title at a special ceremony in South America held by the Peruvian government. He is now the ambassador for the Madre de Dios area, a region which borders both Brazil and Bolivia. During the ceremony, Jagger received gifts created by people indigenous to the region, including bows, arrows, necklaces and a feathered ornamental headdress. (He'd look great wearing that while strutting around on stage!) Jagger is reportedly staying in the Amazon, where he plans to meet with members of local governments to discuss exactly what his ambassador duties will entail and what he can do to spread the word on conserving one of the world's most precious resources.

Never Gonna Leave This Bed (Wearing Clothes): Adam Levine & Girlfriend Appear Naked on Russian Vogue

Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine and his beautiful model girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna appear nude on the cover of Russian Vogue magazine. The outspoken and heavily tattooed singer has a mad penchant for taking off his clothes at the drop of a hat. “I just love being as naked as possible all the time,” he said recently in an interview with Out magazine. “It feels really natural to me.” Well when you look like Adam does, I guess it would come naturally. Adam appeared partially clothed with his Russian-born girlfriend Anne in the sexy video for Maroon 5's hit song, "Never Gonna Leave This Bed", where the couple engaged in some very heavy petting in some very public places. Levine's duet with Christina Aguilera, "Moves Like Jagger", topped the Hot 100 for several weeks, and he has announced he will be returning to the upcoming season of the NBC talent show "The Voice". Expect to see lots more of Adam...literally...

Where Do Broken Divas Go? Whitney Houston Almost Thrown off Flight

Whitney Houston has long been known as a Diva but her entitled behavior almost got her thrown off a plane on Wednesday! Seems La Houston was scheduled on a flight to Detroit leaving out of Atlanta when she decided to up the 'Tude Factor and refuse to put on her seat belt. The flight attendant kindly informed the singing superstar that if she didn't fasten her belt, she would be in violation of Federal Aviation guidelines and would be not-so-discreetly escorted from the plane by burly armed officers from the Department of Homeland Security! Having seen her ex-husband Bobby Brown taken away in cuffs every other day during their long and tumultuous marriage, Ms. Whitney thought the better of it, and decided that she had better buckle up and enjoy another glass of champagne. That's a Good Diva!

Full story from The Daily Mail:

Whitney Houston Flies Diva Airways

Sorry, Charlie: ABC Cancels Charlie's Angels Reboot

Photo Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC Entertainment
After just three lackluster episodes, ABC has decided to shelve it's much ballyhooed reboot of the classic 70s jiggle-fest Charlie's Angels. The hour-long drama starring Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor and Annie Ilonzeh as sexy crime-fighters, debuted in late September to unimpressive ratings and reviews. The show failed to capture the spark of the original series, which famously starred the late Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson. The original show was created by legendary producer Aaron Spelling and helped launch Farrah Fawcett's incredible career, even  though she only appeared in the very first season of the show. It probably wasn't a good idea to do a remake of an iconic television show that was also made into a popular series of films starring big-name headliners Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu. Guess the television viewing public was all Angel-ed out.

Betty Is Still White Hot Rapping in New Music Video

Photo Credit: Getty Images
A red hot Betty White was out and about in Hollywood on Wednesday evening promoting her latest project. The 89-year-old pop culture darling was talking up her newest endeavor as a Rap artist, appearing in a remix of British techno artist Luciana's song "I'm Still Hot". In the sexy video, The Golden Girls vet appears along with a host of hunky, shirtless musclemen as she raps about all the reasons she still has her swagger on. The benefit launch party was to help raise money and awareness for one of animal lover White's pet projects, the Los Angeles Zoo: "It's a switch for me, I will tell you, but it's fun and they gave me these nice young men to work with that are built like little brick houses," said White about her appearance in the music video. To check out the legendary Betty White's mad skills as a rap artist, you can watch the entire video to "I'm Still Hot" on YouTube below:

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hey, Y'All! Maxim Magazine Names Paula Deen TV's Hottest Chef

We admit, TV chef and personality Paula Deen is cuter than a baby prawn fried in a quart of rich, creamy butter, but we were surprised that men's locker room magazine Maxim would select her as TV's Hottest Female Chef! We thought the magazine's audience was more geared to Giada De Laurentiis or even the perky Rachel Ray. As it turns out, Deen's recent feud with another TV chef/personality Anthony Bourdain helped her secure the seXXXy top spot on their list: "[Bourdain] may think she's the most dangerous person in America thanks to her calorie-packed cooking, but we find danger sexy. Just imagining the slippery, sloppy butter-sex we'd have with Paula makes us... hungry for a bacon-wrapped, beer batter-fried stick of butter, weirdly."

Just don't expect Deen to pose in a leather, fur-trimmed bikini on the cover of Maxim to claim her title!

Full story on Fox News:

Maxim Magazine Names Paula Deen TV's Hottest Chef

Jessie J & James Morrison Record Duet

Photo Courtesy Pop Crush
We're super-psyched that two of our favorite Brit singers, James Morrison & Jessie J, have recorded a new duet together! The upcoming single is called "Up" and there's already a teaser-vid posted over at YouTube! It doesn't hurt that the "Broken Strings" singer Morrison and "Price Tag" singer Jessie J look extra-cute together, too! You can check out the teaser trailer for the song, which is certain to be a smash hit, on YouTube:

Full story over at Pop Crush:

Teaser Vid for James Morrison/Jessie J Duet

Would You Like Fries with That? Anderson Cooper Gets Job At Fast Food Restaurant

Photo Courtesy Best Week Ever
Anderson Cooper has always seemed like a very dignified human being. His hard-hitting and unflinching coverage during the national tragedy of Hurricane Katrina made him a household name. His tenure on 60 Minutes certainly gave him journalistic respect when many people in the industry wrote him off for his pretty boy looks and Social Registry pedigree (being the son of world famous socialite and fashion jeans guru Gloria Vanderbilt). But it seems our intrepid investigative reporter has decided to take things not-so-seriously of late. Fresh off his epileptic fit meltdown laughing over the infamous Gérard Depardieu peeing on a plane incident, comes this: Anderson slinging hash at a Boston Market.

Yes, the Silver Fox donned a hair net and an apron to take orders and prepare food in a New York City Boston Market restaurant. He certainly looks the part and I'm sure he does a much better job that some of those CEO's do on Undercover Boss. (Most of them seriously have no clue how to do an average, minimum-wage paying job!) Why Boston Market? Apparently, it's Anderson's favorite. (No high brow eatery for our princely heir!)

All the ensuing fun was filmed for an upcoming episode of his new syndicated talk show Anderson.

Charge! Antelope Headbutts Biker

A bike racer in South Africa got quite the surprise while whizzing along a course in the African antelope coming out of nowhere and headbutting him off his bicycle!

17-year-old Evan van der Spuy was speeding along the open path as part of the Time Freight MTB Express Mountain race outside of Pietermartizburg, South Africa, when the rampaging red Hartebeest decided to take him out of the race! Evan's team mate was riding along behind him with a helmet-cam, which caught the high-impact surprise on video! The video clearly shows the enormous animal colliding with Evan's bicycle, sending the teen flying high into the air before hitting the hard ground below. The animal wastes no time getting back on his feet and taking off again, leaving an injured and groaning van der Spuy on the ground. His worried friend immediately checks to see that he is okay. The impact smashed van der Spuy's helmet and left him with a minor concussion, whiplash and lots of bruises, but he is thankful that the incident didn't end in a much worse tragedy. He called the entire incident "freaky". That would be my word for it, too. You can view the video below:

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