Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snow on the Pumpkin: Rare October Snow Storm to Blanket East Coast

A classic nor’easter is chugging along up the East Coast of the United States and expected to dump anywhere from a dusting of snow to about 10 inches throughout the region starting Saturday, a decidedly unseasonal date for a type of storm more associated with midwinter.

New York has today been hit by snowfall before Halloween for only the fourth time since the time of the US Civil War. The entire North East of the nation is bracing for a chilling weekend as 60 million people are expected to experience a rare October snowstorm, which will unleash heavy, wet snow and wind.
New England has already been struck by a very early snowfall and 10,000 residents in Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia were today without power after snow, according to
This weekend looks set to see huge amounts of sleet and snow covering the North East, invariably causing power outages and travel chaos. Some areas bracing for up to a foot of snow.

The weather keeps getting stranger and stranger...

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