Sunday, October 9, 2011

See Cathi Fall (Repeatedly): Tonight's The Amazing Race

As a reminder for everyone to watch tonight's episode of The Amazing Race, I thought I would post this totally hypnotic gif of the show's Cathi hitting the ground hard...over and over tonight's episode. Cathi and her husband Bill, the oldest contestants on the current season, survived elimination in the debut episode after arriving in last due to it being a non-elimination round. They redeemed themselves in last week's episode by crossing the finish line at the Pit Stop in 7th place, avoiding the Double Elimination host Phil Keoghan warned everyone about! Tonight's episode sees the remaining teams in an Indonesian field, a place Cathi & Bill should be more comfortable in, seeing as they run a farm in Oregon. Don't miss tonight's episode on CBS (barring any delays!) @ 8:00 PM on CBS:

The Amazing Race on CBS

Animated gif courtesy of The Best Week Ever

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