Thursday, October 13, 2011

Charge! Antelope Headbutts Biker

A bike racer in South Africa got quite the surprise while whizzing along a course in the African antelope coming out of nowhere and headbutting him off his bicycle!

17-year-old Evan van der Spuy was speeding along the open path as part of the Time Freight MTB Express Mountain race outside of Pietermartizburg, South Africa, when the rampaging red Hartebeest decided to take him out of the race! Evan's team mate was riding along behind him with a helmet-cam, which caught the high-impact surprise on video! The video clearly shows the enormous animal colliding with Evan's bicycle, sending the teen flying high into the air before hitting the hard ground below. The animal wastes no time getting back on his feet and taking off again, leaving an injured and groaning van der Spuy on the ground. His worried friend immediately checks to see that he is okay. The impact smashed van der Spuy's helmet and left him with a minor concussion, whiplash and lots of bruises, but he is thankful that the incident didn't end in a much worse tragedy. He called the entire incident "freaky". That would be my word for it, too. You can view the video below:

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