Friday, October 7, 2011

Hey Mom! Down Here! Galapagos Turtle Hatches Tiny Baby at the age of 90!

From The Daily Mail:

A giant Galapagos turtle has hatched a tiny turtle for the first the ripe old age of 90. The late-blooming Mommie Dearest is almost 3000 times as big as her little one, and it will take over 30 years for the infant turtle to grow to the same size as Mom. Little NJ will have plenty of time to grow from the safety of its enclosure at the world-famous Taronga Park Zoo in Sydney, Australia. Care-takers at the zoo will have to do all the mothering for NJ, as turtles are pretty much on their own to fend for themselves after hatching. Good luck, little NJ!

Full story at the Daily Mail:

Giant Galapagos Turtle Hatches Tiny Infant

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