Monday, October 10, 2011

Shark on the Greens: Killer Sharks Make Australian Golf Course Home

A golf course in Queensland, Australia, has a water hazard that most golfers won't want to tackle with: killer sharks!

Some years ago, a local river flooded and overflowed its banks, carrying the sharks along with it. After the flood waters receded, the sharks became trapped. As it turns out, the sharks flourished in the environment and have even begun to breed and reproduce successfully in their new-found home in the Carbrook Golf Club. As of now, there are six bull sharks in the lake, but that number looks set to rise. They have become a popular tourist attraction, and people come from all around just to see the sharks, even if they are not interested in golfing.
"You can't believe how close you are [to the sharks]…just six feet away," says club general manager Scott Wags. Six feet is way too close for me...

Full story from The Daily Mail:

Land Shark! Killer Sharks Make Golf Course Home

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