Monday, October 10, 2011

Hey, Girl: Ryan Gosling Understands Your Pain

Photo Credit Feminist Ryan Gosling

From our friends at The FW:

We can totally buy that there is a site called Feminist Ryan Gosling over on tumblr. Since watching Ryan in The Notebook, I feel it's a pretty safe bet that he's just as nice & caring as the character he portrayed in the film based on a totally sappy Nicholas Sparks novel. (I realize how redundant that statement is.) That film won him the adoration of a large percentage of the female movie-going public, and his appearances in more recent films The Ides of March and Crazy Stupid Love have cemented his heart throb status. Not certain if Ryan truly is a feminist, but that's not important. I imagine these tumblr pics of a sweet and sensitive Ryan will garner him even more female fans. These pics might even help him win an Oscar next year!
Photo Credit: Feminist Ryan Gosling

For all the photographs, visit Feminist Ryan Gosling

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