Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Age Is Only a Number: Unnamed Actress Sues Website for Revealing True Age

An unnamed Hollywood actress has filed a million dollar law suit against popular website (Internet Movie Data Base). Apparently, the botox babe, who is in her forties, doesn't appreciate the web site, which compiles information about actors, revealing her true age! The actress claims that she looks much younger than her real age and that casting agents and producers or directors won't hire her for film work if they knew her real age! Although the actress' name is not revealed in the suit, it is revealed that she is originally from Texas and is of Asian descent.

The actress claims she signed up for the ‘pro’ edition of imdb in 2008 but did not give her age. She claims that imdb then cross-referenced her name against public records and credit card details to uncover her true age and posted it online. After repeated requests for it to be removed were denied, she decided to take legal action.

Seeing that lying about your age is a Hollywood standard, does anyone care if someone is over the age of forty?

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