Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Told You I'd Be Back: Arnold Schwarzenegger Attends Statue Dedication in Austria

Former Terminator star and governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger returned to his hometown in his native Austria to attend a statue dedication in his honor. With handsome son Patrick from his marriage to Maria Shriver by his side, the action hero unveiled the bronze statue obviously molded from his more muscular physique during his Pumping Iron days. The statue is outside of a new museum housing Schwarzenegger memorabilia in the town where he spent his youth, Graz. "For me, this is not only a museum," he said at his museum's dedication, gesturing to the yellow-stuccoed house behind him. "It is also a symbol of will ... everyone has a chance to succeed." Rumors abound that Schwarzenegger will make a return to acting, if he no longer plans to pursue any more political ambitions he may have. We'll keep you posted...

For more photographs of the museum dedication, visit The Daily Mail:

Arnold Schwarzenegger Dedicates His Own Statue

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