Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Real World Is Ugly: MTV Reality Star Files Rape Lawsuit

A former Real World star has filed a lawsuit against the MTV network, Bunim/Murray Productions and her former co-stars Evan Starkman and Kenneth Santucci, claiming she was subjected to a sexual assault which was covered up by MTV and the production company responsible for the show.

Tonya Cooley, a cast member of Real World: Chicago as well as Real World/Road Rules Challenges, claims that while she was passed out, both Starkman and Santucci "took another male participant's toothbrush and rubbed the toothbrush around the plaintiff's [Cooley] genitals, including rubbing her labia and inserting the toothbrush into plaintiff's vagina." Cooley also claims that the incident was recording on video and that the producers of the show decided to turn a blind eye and attempted to cover up the sexual assault.

The lawsuit also alleges that female cast members were often ordered to strip out of their clothing and producers encouraged the male cast members to "inappropriately touch female cast members' bodies, including in intimate areas. Website TMZ reports that Cooley is suing for unspecified damages.

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