Friday, October 7, 2011

Finding Neverland

With the trial of Michael Jackson's supposed doctor Conrad Murray hogging the headlines, we knew we would get some pretty skeevy details revealed to the general public about the superstar singer. I suppose it shouldn't really come as any kind of a surprise that MJ slept with a life-sized boy doll in his bed. Like the creepy one pictured above, with the Village of the Damned glowing eyes and porcelain skin and "I promise I will be good" expression. I guess the real surprise here is that it was a doll... Listening to the once King of Pop slur his words like Kim Delaney on a bender in those released audio tapes is terribly depressing. He was obviously a poor, tortured soul. It seems that someone within his life should have seen all of this coming and guided him away from the likes of Conrad Murray. Michael just wanted to reach his Neverland, and ultimately, I guess that is exactly where he found himself...

More information on the Conrad Murray trial from the Daily Mail

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