Sunday, October 9, 2011

Was Prince Harry Off One's Chump Partying in San Diego?

With news that Prince Harry had arrived in the United States for "military training", I knew that it wouldn't be too long before reports of Highball Harry partying down would start spilling out. It seems the 27-year-old royal was spotted at the exclusive Andaz Hotel in San Diego, "offing one's chump". We consulted our Big Book of Silly British Slang to find out that means "getting totally wasted". Seems Harry wanted to release some steam from his boring Apache helicopter training lessons he is currently taking in sunny Southern California. He attended a elite social gathering drinking party at the hotel's popular Ivy Rooftop, downing Absolut vodka, Red Bull and beer. Later on, Harry and his mates gathered to watch a rugby match on late night TV. Hope he'll be recovered in time for morning lessons! Pace yourself, Ginger... you've got two months of training to go.

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