Sunday, October 9, 2011

From the Huh? Files: Topeka, Kansas Considers Decriminalizing Domestic Violence to Save $$$

This story is definitely one for the WTH??? files:

It seems that lawmakers in Topeka, Kansas are seriously considering decriminalizing domestic violence as a money-saving measure! Faced with a substantial budget shortfall, leaders [mistakenly] believe that by decriminalizing domestic battery, the city will not be forced to prosecute a certain amount of cases, thus saving some money. Already, three alleged perpetrators of domestic violence misdemeanors have been released by judges because no one has filed criminal charges against them (the first step towards pursuing prosecution). Needless to say, there's no way this can be a good idea, whether or not any money is saved.
 A domestic violence victim’s advocate in Topeka named Claudine Dombrowski, herself a victim of violence, said it best:"[The city will] need to invest in headstones, because these women are going to end up in cemeteries,” she told Fox 4 News in Kansas City.

For the full story, visit The Frisky:

Topeka, Kansas Considers Decriminalizing Domest Violence

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