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The Missing: Webbot's Data Gap of Missing Information from March 2012 thru May 2013

 Update October 11, 2013:
With the current US government shutdown in the news, I felt it was very important to update this blog post regarding the Web Bot Project. For almost a decade, the project has predicted the current economic meltdown taking place, not just in the United States, but around the world.  The "Death of the Dollar" meme has been in the linguistic forecast since at least 2004, possibly before then. The software picked out very specific phrasing regarding the events that would precede the collapse of the US dollar. The project foresaw the government shutdown as a facilitating event that would bring about the collapse of the US financial system, which would have a cascading effect that would create a financial tsunami and would travel the globe.

The project foresees a breakdown throughout American society, as citizens begin to understand just how dire the situation is. Once everyone understands that there is NO MONEY left in the coffers, social unrest and violence would quickly begin to spread across the country. If a default on US debt takes place, hyper-inflation would set in immediately, causing most life staples such as food and energy to quadruple (or more) in price. Most of the wording and phrases currently being bandied about by the biased media can be taken directly from many of the ALTA Reports that have been released over the past decade. A truly sobering thought...

Latest update March 23, 2013: Is last night's meteor event witnessed over entire US Eastern Seaboard confirmation of what the Webbots have predicted? More information here:

The Web Bot project, the predictive software that has successfully managed to peer into the future to foresee major world events, has reached a shocking plateau in its stream of research data.

The project, which analyzes changes in linguistic patterns on the Internet and makes predictions on future events based on the emerging patterns, has seen a puzzling drop-off of data stream information beginning in March of 2012 and lasting through May of 2013. The flat-lining data gap was picked up initially years ago and as time has progressed, the gap has become even more pronounced and disturbing.

For all intents and purposes, it appears that the human race goes completely quiet for an extended period of fourteen months, with virtually no new information being released. Speculation is rife across the Internet about what could possibly create the intense loss of information, with a global thermonuclear war, comet strike upon the earth, or massive solar flare from the sun disrupting mass communications and collapsing the energy grid being the most popular guesses. Other guesses include a super-volcanic eruption (blotting out the sun and plunging earth into an Ice Age), a pole shift, whereas the magnetic poles of the Earth suddenly change locations, creating devastating earthquakes and tsunamis worldwide, as well as a highly contagious pandemic disease decimating the human population. Also discussed heavily is the possibility of government agents shutting down the Internet (SOPA, PIPA) to quell dissent and panic while enacting Martial Law on the population. Another theory has a magnetic/solar related event making everyone's brain activity go haywire, turning a majority of humanity into drooling, uncommunicative zombies [Zombie Apocalypse warning from the Center for Disease Control]. 

The data gap from the Webbot Project is eerily similar to information from military grade remote viewers, who allegedly use psychic powers to see into the future. Starting in the 1950s, the now declassified Montauk Project began to notice a strange anomaly with remote viewers trying to see into the future. The viewers began to continually report "hitting a brick wall" around the year 2012, for which they were unable to see past. [Urgent Edit: The very latest information about what remote viewers are seeing regarding events in 2013-2014 may be found by reading my most recent blog post "Remote Viewers Are Seeing Catastrophic Event for Humanity's Near Future".]

[Edit: Of course, I didn't even mention the end time date of the much-maligned Mayan calendar. Curious how the entire planet starts to unravel like a gigantic spool of yarn as the December 21 date rapidly approaches. Is the world going to "end" on that date? Not likely. Nothing is going to happen that isn't already happening this very moment with the immense changes in climate, the stability of earth's geology as well as the continued degradation of the socioeconomic and political fabric of the planet.

The December 21 "end date" was a Time Stamp, intended to convey an important message well into the future, from a people who had a far deeper understanding of the universe than we do today, with all of our modern technology. The end date coincides with the Earth aligning with the galactic center of our universe, which obviously had considerably merit to the Mayans. The warning was issued because the Mayans were brilliant mathematicians and possessed a deep knowledge of the Cosmos. They knew that a disturbing and cataclysmic cycle of life would return, as it always has and always will. The message was for those living in the future to understand the dramatic changes they would have to endure during this period of time. Humanity has survived this cycle on several different occasions, as our existence is proof of this. Stories of humanity's fight for survival in the past have become "myths" and "legends", stories that we all recognize to this very day. Why? Because they are important. Will we survive it this time around? No one can answer that question.]

Whether or not the Webbot Project is picking up the same data gap that remote viewers have been noticing for literally decades remains to be seen. The Webbot Project first rose to prominence in June of 2001, when project members announced that a "major, life-altering event" would take place within a three month time frame. The events of September 11, 2001, were without a doubt one of the most life-altering events in global history. The project has also successfully predicted the Southeast Asia Boxing Day tsunami, the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster [Western state "maritime" disaster], the Wall Street collapse of 2008, the eruption of a volcano in Iceland suspending air travel and last year's earthquake/tsunami/nuclear meltdown in Japan [nuclear ill winds traveling the globe].

Did the Webbots predict Russian meteor explosion?

 Urgent Edit: [Addendum: This does meet the fulfillment language in the Webbot Project's (Web Bot Project) "New Land Rising" linguistic meme and temporal marker for the onset of major global events.]

New Island Emerges in North Sea 

 Possible new Webbot "Hit" with the "New Land Rising" meme (as well as the long term data trend of "Global Coastal Event") after a massive area of volcanic rocks from a submarine volcano the size of Belgium was discovered off the coast of New Zealand this week (August 9, 2012):

New Zealand "Volcanic Rock Island" a "New Land Rising" Webbot Hit? 

January 13, 2013: New Island Emerges in North Sea off Coast of Germany: Webbot Hit?

For more information about the Webbot Project, you may visit their blog: 
Webbot Project: Beware Not for the Faint of Heart or Those Under 18

 Fits in line with several Nostradamus prophecies as well as those of Mother Shipton:
Newly-Discovered "Great" Comet ISON Will Give Earth-Dwellers a Spectacular Show in 2013


  1. Vast information regarding what could cause the upcoming data gap:

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  3. Junk in--Junk out!
    Last I looked data is fine and flowing well. Predictive analysis, human or AI is subject to inaccuracy through subjective interpretation of information.
    We use it all the time in the human terrain field and battlefield analysis, its only right a small % of the time.

  4. Clif has issued some new wujo regarding upcoming events, as well as explaining the misinterpretation of the data gap dates (possibly due to blips in the Arab Spring movement, where countries began to shut down the Internet).

    Also, there is confirmation that the remote viewers have been picking up the same predictions as the web bot tech. The military grade remote viewers have been picking up multiple impact events in the 2012-2013 time frame, likely associated with the "global coastal event" that has been in place within the data set linguistics since at least 2005. Clif mentions "displacement wave" versus tsunami.

    For more information, you may visit the Web bot forum:

  5. Maybe the computer is gonna freeze in that time period. You know. A minor glitch. Lol. The human race is a glitch. Who cares when the end comes. Welcome it with a smile you whiners. If it happens tomorrow. Good. If it happens in. 5 years. Good. Either way. Humans have ran their race are about to become extinct. Good news for a beautiful planet. The cockroaches will have been exterminated. Smile folks. We're dead :)

  6. webbot is just revealing what the human race is emulating as a collective conciencness via web communicatio. simple as that. if u really want prediction take the alphabet split it in half eg. first 13 is zero. the last thirteen is 1 subsatute each letter into a zero or a one for every letter from any religious or prophesy book u want. feed it into a computer and u will have true prediction.

  7. Today, I was just sitting in the living room flipping back and forth between three religious channels, and suddenly I got this eery feeling that something of akin to a major imminent catrastophe is getting ready to occur. Last time I had this feeling was right before the Tsunami that occurred in 2004. I don't know exactly what is going to take place, but I just have this unsettling feeling as I did right before the tsunami.

  8. I have seen things to come surrounding the month of FEB 2013

  9. Would you care to elaborate about what you see?

  10. I feel as of coming date,the start of 7yr of REVALATION will begin 2012-2019.

  11. @ anon of oct. 19 2012. We're still here. Although the pope made an announcement to resign during the void of course moon in the month of February.Shortly after his announcement that shocked the world, lightning stuck the Basilica in Rome. As some of you know, Pope benedict in the prochecy "Glory of the Olive" is the second to the last pope. The prophecy of st.Malachi predicts the final pope before the end times or the end of the catholic church. There is a vague detail at the end of his prophecies. The pope will be elected in March 2013 and will speak during the easter celebration. The final pope predicted is called "Peter the Roman". There was a meteor that hit russia injuring a thousand people, and the largest asteriod ever recorded in modern history get as close to the earth as some of our satellites! In this time frame, a meteor in the sky was seen from south Florida to Jacksonville in the month of February 2013. At the same time, there is propblems with North Korea testing...Iran's nuclear ambition continues. It Seems like prophecies are occuring. But not in the details as once predicted or interpreted for that matter. Strange weather patterns continue to persist around the world. Many are still debating climate change. Is the prophecy of the pope connected to the new world order? What role will the new pope play in all of this?

  12. Thank you for your anonymous post. I have been monitoring the situation regarding the Pope and St. Malachi's prophecies about the End Times, and the news that Benedict was abdicating definitely sent my radar antenna up. Now, comes news that a comet might impact Mars early next year. No doubt about it, prophecy is coming to life...

  13. Oh yeah, then there is this: A Plague of Locusts Descend Upon Egypt:

    As if we needed more proof we are living in the End Times!!!

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