Thursday, January 26, 2012

Throw Out the Old Spice: New Alibi Men's Cologne Rids Strip Club Scent

"I bet pirates never had this problem..."

Men who enjoy their creeping but hate being caught by their overly-suspicious wives/girlfriends when coming home smelling like a strip club after a night of drunken debauchery with "the guys" have a sweet new alternative...

It seems Maverick's strip club in Capetown, South Africa, has invented a clever way for straying boyfriends/husbands to sneak out to the club behind their significant other's back and get away with it. The club offers a range of "alibis" for men to chose from, including an "Honestly, Babe...My Car Broke Down" eau de parfum that smells like fuel, oil and burnt rubber to cover the scent of patchouli and baby oil (and the lovely odor of stale cigarette smoke) from the strip club!

Yeah, we're sure that the cologne will convince her he didn't do anything bad, if it wasn't for all the body glitter and lipstick he picked up from his lap dance, especially when he stumbles through the door at four o'clock in the morning! Busted!

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