Monday, January 30, 2012

Boobarella: Rome Fashion Show Reveals Boob Job Haute Couture

"It takes a lot of magic 'shrooms to come up with something like this..."

Obviously inspired by avant-garde pop superstar Lady GaGa, Italian fashion designer Gianni Molaro revealed his trippy new haute couture line during Alta Roma fashion week in Rome.

The pièce de résistance of the runway show was Molaro's Boobarella Cyclops gown, complete with alien-like appendages and a GaGa-esque face mask. Molaro must be angling to design for the chameleon-like singer, who continually changes her image to shock her audience.

Another model did her little turn on the catwalk sashaying in a dress made out of open umbrellas, while another model inexplicably had a giant bicycle wheel attached to her head. The designer also managed to sneak in some political references regarding the current economic situation into one of his gowns, as the Italian people endure tough austerity measures brought on by the Euro crisis.

The music for the Fellini inspired fashion show was provided by a violin player dressed in one of the designer's gowns, suspended from a trolley guided by some handsome, well-dressed bellhops.

For more photographs of the intriguing creations, you may visit The Daily Mail.

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