Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Never Forget: Elephants Say Touching Goodbye to Dead Infant

Zoo keepers at Munich, Germany's Hellabrun Zoo had the somber task of arranging an elephant memorial service after one of the zoo's baby elephants passed away from a congenital heart condition.

The three-month old calf Lola was scheduled for emergency surgery to repair a heart defect, but sadly she passed away before the operation could be performed. The workers at the park decided to hold a memorial for Lola to allow her mother Panang and the other elephants in the zoo to say their goodbyes.

As Lola lay upon the ground, the massive elephants took turns approaching her body, gently touching and nuzzling Lola with their trunks, seemingly in an effort to revive her lifeless body. Similar behaviors involving large elephant herds "mourning" the death of a member have been observed in the wild.

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