Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Come One, Come All: Japanese Store Has Big F***'in' Sale

The Big Fuckin' Sale Only Offers a 20% Discount? WTBF? has a new entry to its collection of hilarious Japanese signs printed with odd, sometimes incomprehensible English words and phrases...

A department store in Osaka, Japan, has offered a highly original new sales strategy. Not just any sale, but a Big Fuckin' Sale (dropping the "G" and adding the apostrophe gives the entire sale some serious street cred). I can just imagine all the big fuckin' things one could purchase at just such a sale: Big fuckin' pink polka-dotted Crocs. A Big fuckin' Paula Deen skillet with a big fuckin' spatula. A big fuckin' box of yummy Godiva chocolates. You can even save an extra 15% by opening up a new big fuckin' credit card account with the department store. Big Fuckin' A!!!

Some American store should adopt this clever sales campaign, big fuckin' ASAP!!!


  1. Oh, yes... it's all part of the new strategy. Just wait. You'll see (that's what the big secret today was!)

  2. And wait... to be a BIG fuckin' sale, it needs to be more than 20% off. Seriously.


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