Wednesday, January 25, 2012

There Once Was a Boat from Nantucket [That Ended Up in Spain]

A boat that was lost after being hit by a rogue wave off the coast of Nantucket Island, Massachusetts has been found completely intact...some three years later.

The owner of the boat The Queen Bee and a passenger were tossed into the sea by the rogue wave and watched helplessly as the boat disappeared into the deadly surf.  Both men  survived being tossed into the ocean after the ship's inflatable life raft miraculously appeared in the water beside them. Although owner Scott Douglas was grateful to be alive after the ordeal, he was certain that it would be the last time he would ever see his beloved boat.

Fast forward three years later and The Queen Bee has been resurrected after the boat came ashore, some three thousand miles across the Atlantic Ocean from where it was lost, in Llanes, Spain. It's not uncommon for the US Coast Guard to locate derelict ships from Florida off the coast of Virginia, or vessels from Virginia off the coast of Massachusetts, but one has never been discovered fully intact in Europe. Based on international salvage laws, the boat now belongs to Spain.

Douglas misses his boat, but doesn't expect to get it back. He plans on telling the story of The Queen Bee as a children's book.

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