Thursday, January 5, 2012

Word! A List of Banned Words for 2012

Lake Superior University in Michigan has released its latest list of the most overused words for the past year. Each year, the university polls people as to what they believe to be the most irritatingly overused expressions for the past twelve months, words and expressions people believe should be banned from the vernacular over the course of the following year. 

Number One on their list? Amazing... (Hmmm...not "epic", "fail" or "winning"? Interesting!)

Coming in at Number Two was "baby bump".  As in "I'm tired of guessing how Beyonce's baby bump is going to look today". 

"Occupy" comes in at Number Four, as the Occupy Wall Street movement exploding across the US and the rest of the world, and was relentlessly pounded into our consciousness. 

Here's the complete list of the Top Twelve:
  1. Amazing
  2. Baby Bump
  3. Shared Sacrifice
  4. Occupy
  5. Blowback
  6. Man Cave
  7. The New Normal
  8. Pet Parent
  9. Win the Future
  10. Trickeration
  11. Ginormous
  12. Thank You in Advance

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