Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shirt Off His Back: Novak Djokovic Tosses Shirt to Girl in Audience, Crazed Woman Snatches It Away

Courtesy: Getty Images

Tennis superstar Novak Djokovic has a penchant for ripping off his shirt whenever he wins a match, and then usually he picks out a young female fan in the audience to receive the sweaty garment.

Today was no exception, as Djokovic battled Spanish tennis ace Rafael Nadal in a grueling five-hour-plus match for the Grand Slam title at the Australian Open in Melbourne. The incredible match lasted for five hours and 53 minutes, shattering the record for the longest Grand Slam final in history. It was also the longest continuous match in major history and the third-longest overall.

Djokovic came out on top, besting Rafa in one of the greatest matches witnessed in recent memory. Novak wasted no time ripping off his shirt in his by now commonplace celebratory gesture. After letting off some steam and enjoying his moment of victory, he picked out a young fan to toss his shirt to seated in the grand stand. Another crazed grown-up had other plans, quickly snatching the shirt from the hands of the shocked girl, who clearly Novak had intended to have his shirt. Who knew tennis groupies could be so intense?

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