Monday, January 2, 2012

Marry (The Mayor): Lady GaGa Rings in 2012 Smooching NYC Mayor Bloomberg

"Yes, folks, this kiss IS a sign of the approaching Apocalypse..."

Lady GaGa rang in the year 2012 by putting a big wet one on the lips of New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. (Yet another sign the Mayan End-time calendar for this year is correct!)

GaGa rocked out on Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years' Eve by performing a medley of her top hits over the past year, including "Born This Way" and "Marry the Night". The 25-year-old superstar also was given the unique honor of being the one to release the 12,000-pound Waterford crystal ball during the countdown to the Magic Hour. Dressed appropriately in a beaded crystal gown from Versace complete with one of her trademark masks and requisite long gloves, she looked as sparkling as Times Square itself, as she elected to plant a midnight smooch on 69-year-old billionaire Bloomberg. (Instead of her hunky, rumored boyfriend Taylor Kinney?) The unlikely duo even shared a cute, midnight dance.

GaGa certainly has reason to celebrate, as she was once again the top earning artist for the past year. Forbes magazine listed the avant-garde entertainer as the top earning artist of 2011, with earnings surpassing $100 million over the past twelve months.

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