Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bye, Bye Blackbird: Birds Fall Dead from the Sky for Second New Year's Eve in a Row

It must have felt like a bizarre case of deja vu for police officers and emergency service crews in Beebe, Arkansas, last night as they were called out to clean up literally thousands of dead blackbirds, for the second New Year's Eve in as many years.

The small, rural community saw thousands of blackbirds fall from the sky dead last night, a frightening repeat of a similar event that took place on the same evening last year. Officials were quick to blame celebratory New Year's fireworks being shot off or a sudden, intense hail storm as the cause of last year's deaths, but a ban on fireworks and clear weather exclude those theories from being the cause of the bizarre incident this year.

Last year, hundreds of similar incidences of birds and other animals such as mollusks, fish, whales and dolphins, began to die en masse all around the world during the first few weeks of 2011. No official explanation has ever been offered as to the direct cause of such a diverse series of events taking place simultaneously around the world.

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