Saturday, March 30, 2013

Open Your Wallet: Madonna Joins Billionaire Club While Brother Homeless

Pop superstar Madonna has officially become a member of the exclusive "Billionaire's Club" of musical royalty, according to the New York Post. She is now estimated to be sitting on an incredible fortune worth just over $1 billion US, thanks to a long and successful career as well as her world-famous and respected business acumen.

While the undisputed Queen of Pop enjoys the fruits of her labor in her lavish New York City apartment or her chateau in the South of France, her older brother-56-year-old Anthony Ciccone, is a homeless alcoholic living on the bitter cold streets of Madonna's home state of Michigan.

Two years ago it was revealed that Anthony had been living under a bridge in Traverse City, Michigan, where the one-time close-knit Italian-American family resided during the superstar singer's youth. Madonna's father Tony, now 83, owns and operates his own winery near-by, where several of Madonna's other siblings now work. (It is said that Madonna is also feuding with her younger brother Christopher after he wrote a tell-all memoir about growing up with the singer Life with My Sister Madonna.)

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Mail,  Anthony says, "Madonna doesn’t give a s**t if I’m dead or alive.She lives in her own world. I never loved her in the first place, she never loved me. We never loved each other."

Other members have a different story to tell, claiming that all of Anthony's family have tried desperately and failed to help Anthony, who continues to drink heavily and refuses to seek treatment for his substance abuse problems. He recently spent a month in jail and off the cold streets after being arrested for public intoxication and swearing at children in front of a local church. 

He classically blames his family for all of his problems, unable to accept his own responsibility on how his life has turned out, millions of miles away from the successful life and career his sister has maintained for over thirty years. 

Rule Number One in addiction: No one can help you unless you want to help yourself... 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Writing Is On the Sky

Scar tissue from Earth's past encounter with extinction.

Last night's meteor event witnessed across virtually the entire Eastern Seaboard of the United States is, at least to me, confirmation that what the Webbot Project and military grade remote viewers have been picking up for the 2013-2016 time frame is extremely accurate.

There were actually two separate fireballs witnessed, with the largest one incoming at approximately 7:54PM, Eastern time. This fireball was witnessed across an astonishing range, with reports coming in from Florida all the way north to southern Canada, a distance of almost two thousand miles. This would mean the bolide had to have been of a considerable size and traveling at a mind-boggling rate of speed. Witnesses describe seeing the meteor erupting into a bright green as it streaked across the sky. Other witnesses describe hearing a loud "popcorn" like popping sound associated with the object breaking up in the atmosphere. A second, smaller object was viewed an hour and a half after the first event, with this meteor burning a bright orange.

This latest meteor event comes only a month after the frightening meteor explosion over Siberia, Russia, that NASA claims was not associated with the extremely close fly-by of Asteroid 2012 DA14 on the same day. Only two days ago, NASA chief Charles Boden stated in a public forum his advice to the American public,  "The answer to you is, 'if it's [an asteroid] coming in three weeks, pray,'" [Citation: Fox News].

As I have written about previously, data from the Webot Project and the remote viewing think tank the Farsight Institute as well as Major Ed Dames is reporting that an extinction level event is possibly on the horizon for Earth, according to a specific timeline. There is also internet "chatter" across the Web from US military operations of an event of significance being prepared for currently by the world governments. (I can neither confirm nor deny the validity of this information, but its timing and message is beyond the merely "coincidental".)

Recent strange activity in the financial sector (in particular the current situation involving Cyprus and its debt to the Euro Zone ) smacks of the global elite being in a panic situation regarding the future and possible intel involving a potential cataclysmic event on humanity's horizon. It would make sense that the Powers That Be would try to confiscate as much money as possible in preparation of the event, resorting to out-right thievery of the populace.

For those searching for their own answers as to what in the world is currently going on, there is vast information over at Barry Warmkessel's site. I would like to personally thank Barry for all of his hard work and dedication to uncovering the truth. Continue checking this site for the latest, most up-to-date information available and God Speed everyone...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bank Run: Citizens of Cyprus Panic As Government Plans to Take 6.75% of Bank Savings

Citizens of the Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus began making panicked runs to the ATM to withdraw their cash as the government came to an agreement to pay off the country's massive sapping away 6.75% of whatever money they had in the bank!

Cypriots reacted with shock that quickly turned into full-scale panic and anger on Saturday after a 10% one-off levy on savings was forced on them as part of an extraordinary 10 billion Euro ($13 billion US) bailout agreed upon in Brussels yesterday. In the agreement, people with less than €100,000 in the bank would be taxed 6.75% while those with over €100,00 would see a tax levy of a staggering 10% against their cash savings! [It could have been worse; there are reports that the International Monetary Fund was demanding an earth-shattering 40% of any savings Cypriots had with the banks!]

Cypriot president  Nicos Anastasiades has said that without a European bailout, the country would definitely default on its extensive debts, which would have a ripple effect throughout the continent, and indeed the rest of the world. Anastasiades, who was elected only last month on a promise to tackle the country's debt crisis, will make an official statement to the nation today.

Cyprus is the fifth nation after Greece, the Republic of Ireland, Portugal and Spain to turn to the Eurozone for a financial handout over the past three years during the region's strangling debt crisis. Citizens began standing in line at banks hours before they opened, hoping to be able to withdraw their money before the tax levy took into effect on Tuesday, as tomorrow is a bank holiday in Cyprus. ATMs quickly shut down across the country due to "technical issues" over the bank run. Protestors also began to gather in front of the presidential palace in the capital city of Nicosia to make their angers and fears known.

Russian president Vladimir Putin is said to be enraged over the decision, as billions of dollars kept in Cyprus by wealthy Russian citizens will now be gobbled up. "Trust towards Cyprus as a safe place for placing money will be reduced to zero," he told the Interfax agency Anatoly Axanof, MP and president of the Association of Regional Banks of Russia. Putin also made an angry call to Nicos Anastasiades on Sunday, telling the Cypriot president, "It would have been better to put the German flag at the Presidential Palace. Do you not understand that this decision will destroy your country?"

Could the Cyprus bail-out and subsequent thievery of its citizens be the Black Swan Event that topples the global economy? [Update: The "bank holiday" has been extended through today (Tuesday, March 19) with indications that the banks may remain closed until Friday, as confusion and panic continues to sweep the European financial markets. This means that citizens will be unable to access any of their money for almost an entire week, a virtually unheard of situation.]

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Schrödinger's Cat: Adventures in Remote Viewing

I have always been fascinated by the concept of precognitive powers, specifically the ability to peer into the future. I have been blessed with a benign form of psychic ability myself, and have relied on this gift many times in the past to keep me out of danger! Any regular reader of Too Much Information will definitely get a grasp of my interest in what the media has dubbed "the paranormal". To me, this isn't the paranormal but rather an instinctive and self-protective trait that most of us possess, but many of us fail to realize our own potential to see past the here and now.

When I wrote a post about the Webbot Project  early last year, it was the culmination of years of studying the psychic potential in all of us. The Web Bot Project software has been shown to eerily predict the future by patrolling the Internet and singling out key words and phrases that form a prediction of a future event via humanity's "collective consciousness". The entire theory is based on the fact that we each possess the ability to see briefly into the future. Studies in a controlled environment have proven that the average person can see six seconds into the future. While this may not seem like a great deal, seeing six seconds into the future can possibly save you from a terrible car crash or other form of deadly incident.

Remote viewing also relies on a similar theory. The Farsight Institute as well as Major Ed Dames have made headlines with their proven remote viewing techniques that have successfully managed to pinpoint targets and make accurate predictions regarding future events. Dr. Courtney Brown of the Farsight Institute conducted an experiment involving top military grade remote viewers several years ago to look into the "Post-2012" phenomenon. At the time, the Internet community was abuzz with Apocalypse Fever that the "End of the World" would take place on December 21, 2012, due to the day being the supposed end date of the Mayan Long Count Calendar system.

The remote viewers in the experiment were asked to pinpoint random target locations across the globe through their viewing techniques using two separate time lines: One timeline was specified to involve the admission by world governments that extra-terrestrials did indeed exist and had visited Earth, while the other time line had no such admission being made. The initial intent of the experiment was to determine the future effects of "climate change" on our planet.

To Dr. Courtney Brown's surprise, the remote viewers did not pick up on climate change, but rather significant impact events across the planet during the 2012-2013 time frame! A majority of the remote viewers were seeing catastrophic impact-related events in locations thousands of miles away from each other. Viewers were predicting massive tsunami waves crashing into Sydney, Australia, as well as reaching far-inland locations such as Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa! These tsunami waves as well as increased volcanism were seen as being caused by asteroid or cometary impacts. You can view coverage of the Farsight Institute's symposium regarding the long-range predictions in the video below:

While no specific dates were given for these impact events, the viewers were certain that this would take place before the end of 2013. Flash forward to February 15 of this year, when a large meteor exploded in the atmosphere over Chelyabinsk, Siberia, Russia,. The detonation was later determined to have had the explosive power of more than 50 Hiroshima-sized atomic bombs and shattered windows, set off car alarms, caused buildings to collapse, disrupted telephone and Internet service as well as injuring thousands of people. Was this the event the remote viewers were observing, or is it just the first volley in a series of impact events? The atmospheric explosion took place on the same day as the extremely close fly-by of Asteroid 2012 DA14. NASA claims that the Russian event (as well as a smaller meteor detonation over Cuba less than 24 hours later) was "unrelated to DA14." 

Only a few weeks later, another large asteroid was spotted via telescope, coming perilously close to Earth once again. Now, there are a series of bright comets scheduled to whiz through our solar system, including the already visible Comet Pann-Stars, as well as Comet Lemmon. The "Great" Comet ISON is expected to give our planet one of the most spectacular shows in human history later this year, with scientists predicting it could be one of the brightest comets ever witnessed and be visible during the day! 

Are these comet fly-by's associated with what the remote viewers are witnessing? I must admit, the timing of these events are spot-on with these predictions. Another panel of remote viewers is picking up on a "celestial object" that has a connection with a short-term population loss of approximately 1.5 billion people. 

What is causing the increase in Earth-threatening space debris as well as the increase in comets entering our solar system from the Oort Cloud? Are we living during the catastrophic timeline seen by the viewers, or are we on an alternate timeline where these potential events will NOT take place?  Personally, I hope we are not on the catastrophic timeline, but only time will tell. Many things can alter the timeline, in both positive or negative ways. God speed to all the readers of my website and thank you for your support!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Soap Dish: All My Children & One Life to Live Return on April 29

Update: November 12, 2013: Well, it's official... All My Children has been cancelled...again. The scuttlebutt was that the online version of the once-popular sudser was in trouble after it went into hiatus after the end of the first season. One of the show's stars Debbi Morgan (Angie Hubbard) tweeted a few day's ago that the show was finished before Soaps in Depth and the Ausiello Files confirmed that the online incarnation of AMC was indeed history. Sister soap One Life to Live went on an indefinite hiatus a few months ago, reportedly over a legal squabble between the ABC network and Prospect Park, which bought the online rights to both cancelled soaps.

Just like one of the characters on the show, cancelled soap operas All My Children and One Life to Live will be resurrected!

The two venerable war horse daytime dramas were both canned in 2010 by the erstwhile head of ABC daytime, the much-maligned Brian Frons, who brought such "well received" programs as The Chew to the network. Fans of the longtime sudsers were left devastated and bereft by the joint cancellations, which were on the air for a combined total of 84 years.

Prospect Park production company purchased the rights to both programs after their cancellations, but hope grew dim that the shows would see the light again in an online format. However, Prospect Park persevered and both soaps went into production earlier this year, with both shows taping in Stamford, Connecticut. Now, it has been announced that both AMC and OLTL will debut their online versions on April 29.

Fans will once again see the denizens of Pine Valley and Llanview embroiled in all the schemes, tragedies, weddings, blackmail, divorces, murder and mayhem that has entertained over the decades. Loyal viewers will be able to get the latest 30-minute episodes via the free service and on Hulu Plus for those with connected TVs, and various mobile devices. In addition, the iTunes store will offer both series via iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple TV and Mac and PC.

Agnes Nixon, the venerable creator of both soaps, thanked the loyal fans of her shows: “I am so pleased that our dream of bringing these two series back to life is coming to fruition. We wouldn't be here without [the fans]."

Veteran cast members David Canary, Julia Barr, Jll Larsen, Cady McClain and Debbi Morgan, Erika Slezak, Robert S. Woods, Robin Strasser and Hillary B. Smith will be returning to their respective soaps. As of now, fan favorite and Emmy winner Susan Lucci has not signed on to return to All My Children as Queen Diva Erika Kane. 

Exclusive cast photographs can be seen over at Perez Hilton's site.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Postcards from the Edge [of the Universe]: Will Carrie Fisher Reprise Star Wars' Princess Leia?

Actress and author Carrie Fisher created quite the stir when she revealed that she would be donning bagel bun ear muffs and flowing white robes (or perhaps a gold bikini) once again as Princess Leia in the upcoming Star Wars movies being produced by Disney Studios. But is it true?

The actress responded with a simple "Yes" when asked if she would be part of the upcoming films expected to land in theaters by 2015 in an interview with Palm Beach Illustrated magazine. Now it seems that perhaps Fisher's famous sense of wry humor has come into play. When asked what the Princess would be like now, Fisher quipped, "Elderly. She's in an Inter-Galactic Old Folks' Home," she responded with a laugh. She continued by saying Leia would "be just like she was before, only slower and less inclined to be up for the big battle."

Now, Fisher's rep claims that she was only joking in the interview and that no contracts have been signed for her to reprise her most famous movie role. Although there have been rumors that Fisher and her erstwhile co-stars Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill have all been asked to appear in the continuation of the saga, no official announcement regarding the actor's status with the impending project has been announced. 

Perhaps Fisher-the daughter of the late crooner Eddie Fisher and actress Debbie Reynolds- could be persuaded to slip back into the famous gold bikini she wore as Jabba the Hut's prisoner since losing those 30 lbs. on the Weight Watchers Diet Plan?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Actress Valerie Harper Diagnosed with Terminal Brain Cancer

Actress Valerie Harper, star of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Rhoda, has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, it was announced today.

Harper, 73, was diagnosed with the rare condition leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, which can occur
when cancer cells spread into the fluid-filled membrane surrounding the brain. The condition occurs in less than five percent of people with cancer. Harper's doctors say that the acclaimed actress may have as little as three months to live. 

The Emmy-winning star rose to fame playing the best friend to Mary Richards, the brash Rhoda Morgenstern, in the phenomenally popular series The Mary Tyler Moore Show. The role proved so popular that she went on to play the character in her own spin-off series, Rhoda, which ran from 1974 until 1978. She would go on to win four Emmy Awards for her portrayal as well as a Golden Globe award. 

In the mid-1980s, she made headlines when she was axed from the NBC sitcom Valerie, after reportedly making a demand to have her salary raised. She was unceremoniously fired and character actress Sandy Duncan was brought in as a replacement and the show was re-named The Hogan Family. Harper later sued NBC and Lorimar Productions for her dismissal and was eventually awarded a significant sum of money in damages.  

The actress had previously battled lung cancer in 2009. It is believed her current cancer is related to her earlier health struggle. Harper's bestselling memoirI, Rhoda  , which details her career struggles and successes, was published earlier this year.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Swallowed Whole: Search for Florida Man "Eaten Alive" by Sinkhole Continues

The search for a Florida man who was swallowed as he slept by a large sinkhole that formed beneath his bedroom has now turned to a "recovery operation".

The man, 37-year-old Jeff Bush of Brandon, Florida, had gone to bed at around 11:00 PM on Thursday night when the ground beneath his bedroom caved-in, forming a 100 foot deep cavern that quickly filled with dirt, rocks and debris from the bedroom. Bush's brother Jeremy was alerted to the disaster after hearing Jeff's screams for help as he sank deeper into the chasm. Jeremy desperately tried to save his brother, risking his own life as the sinkhole continued to grow and expand.

"We heard a loud crash," Jeremy told My Fox Tampa Bay , breaking down into tears of despair. "I ran in there and heard somebody screaming, my brother screaming, and I ran in there.
And all I see is this big hole. All I see is the top of his bed. I didn't see anything else, so I jumped in the hole and tried getting him out."

Rescue workers quickly arrived at the scene to assess the dangerous situation. It was quickly ascertained that rescuers could not use heavy equipment to help save the man, for fear the sinkhole would expand even larger, swallowing up the rest of the home and the equipment along with the rescuers. Crews have been using ground penetrating sonar equipment at the site to map the extent of the sinkhole. Listening devices and cameras have been placed into the chasm, but were unable to make any contact with the man. 

As a precautionary measure, other homes near the site of the sinkhole have been evacuated. Experts say Bush is only the second person to be killed by a sinkhole in the United States over the course of the past forty years.  Florida, Texas, Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania are the states most affected by sinkholes, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Sinkholes form due to erosion created by underground water that gathers naturally or due to man-made activities. As the water begins to dissolve the foundation beneath the top surface, spaces and caverns begin to develop underground. Rock such as limestone and carbonate, which is plentiful in Florida, is more prone to erosion. The top layer of the ground remains stable until the eroded layer beneath gives way, causing the ground to open up, swallowing anything that happens to be above ground at the time.


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