Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Writing Is On the Sky

Scar tissue from Earth's past encounter with extinction.

Last night's meteor event witnessed across virtually the entire Eastern Seaboard of the United States is, at least to me, confirmation that what the Webbot Project and military grade remote viewers have been picking up for the 2013-2016 time frame is extremely accurate.

There were actually two separate fireballs witnessed, with the largest one incoming at approximately 7:54PM, Eastern time. This fireball was witnessed across an astonishing range, with reports coming in from Florida all the way north to southern Canada, a distance of almost two thousand miles. This would mean the bolide had to have been of a considerable size and traveling at a mind-boggling rate of speed. Witnesses describe seeing the meteor erupting into a bright green as it streaked across the sky. Other witnesses describe hearing a loud "popcorn" like popping sound associated with the object breaking up in the atmosphere. A second, smaller object was viewed an hour and a half after the first event, with this meteor burning a bright orange.

This latest meteor event comes only a month after the frightening meteor explosion over Siberia, Russia, that NASA claims was not associated with the extremely close fly-by of Asteroid 2012 DA14 on the same day. Only two days ago, NASA chief Charles Boden stated in a public forum his advice to the American public,  "The answer to you is, 'if it's [an asteroid] coming in three weeks, pray,'" [Citation: Fox News].

As I have written about previously, data from the Webot Project and the remote viewing think tank the Farsight Institute as well as Major Ed Dames is reporting that an extinction level event is possibly on the horizon for Earth, according to a specific timeline. There is also internet "chatter" across the Web from US military operations of an event of significance being prepared for currently by the world governments. (I can neither confirm nor deny the validity of this information, but its timing and message is beyond the merely "coincidental".)

Recent strange activity in the financial sector (in particular the current situation involving Cyprus and its debt to the Euro Zone ) smacks of the global elite being in a panic situation regarding the future and possible intel involving a potential cataclysmic event on humanity's horizon. It would make sense that the Powers That Be would try to confiscate as much money as possible in preparation of the event, resorting to out-right thievery of the populace.

For those searching for their own answers as to what in the world is currently going on, there is vast information over at Barry Warmkessel's site. I would like to personally thank Barry for all of his hard work and dedication to uncovering the truth. Continue checking this site for the latest, most up-to-date information available and God Speed everyone...

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