Tuesday, December 31, 2013

More Questions Than Answers: The Truth About Comet ISON?

Did an amateur astronomer capture a photo of ISON debris field?

There are still questions whether Comet ISON has survived its trip through our solar system, and it certainly never lived up to the hype of "Comet of the Century". Initially, it was believed that ISON disintegrated after perihelion in late November, but it was spotted shortly after emerging from behind the sun. Now, an amateur astronomer has captured photographs of what is believed to be ISON's debris cloud [above photo].

This information comes from a public forum regarding the astronomer's discovery:

 "I tried imaging of the ephemeris of C/2012 S1 ISON at 11,000 feet above sea level. There looked to be some faint and vast elongated object near the direction on the frame showing some amount of IFN, integrated flux nebulae, though I can not confirm it the remnant of the comet. The object was faint as IFN.

I will image the ephemeris area again in the coming days, and I may be able to confirm it, if it moved as expected. The object looked vast and faint, and telephoto lens of focal length 150mm - 300mm may be suitable for imaging."

Best Wishes,
"hiro" (Dec 29)

Later, NASA tweeted apparent confirmation of the astronomer's discovery: "Could this dark diagonal "shadow" be the remains of comet #ISON?"  [Nice of them to post second-hand information, as they should be so forthcoming!]

Could the recent increase in fireball explosions around the globe over the past two weeks be attributed to ISON's rather substantial debris cloud? Initially, NASA confirmed that the Earth would pass directly through the debris cloud starting in late-December through early January of 2014. Then why did the "experts" scratch their heads, play dumb and say the large fireball explosion witnessed over a large part of the Midwest in the US on Tuesday of last week was "mysterious"? As I tweeted yesterday, "No Mystery Here: Strange Midwest #Fireball Perplexes Astronomers: http://bit.ly/Jpazc0  #ISON #Meteor #Comet

What is the connection between NASA's confirmation only yesterday that the Sun had flipped its magnetic poles on its regular 11-year cycle? Did the sun interact with ISON, causing it to explode into billions of smaller particles? If an amateur astronomer in Australia can detect the comet's remnants with a small, store-bought telescope, why can't a government agency with a $10 Billion yearly budget make the same discovery and announce it to the general population?

Is there a connection between the reversal of the solar poles and  geologic and climatic instability? The record for the number of volcanoes that have erupted in a calendar year has been shattered in 2013 at 85 eruptions (and this will probably grow today, the last day of the year, as the troubling earthquake swarm in the Canary Islands continues. Edit: Although I was only joking, sure enough, Mt. Sinabung in Indonesia erupted once again today!!!) The Webbot Project has released many reports over the past decade, detailing events that would be taking place on Earth in the months leading up to and immediately following the solar magnetic flip. Many of these events have already come to pass; many are too frightening to list here. What are the effects of these solar changes on human and animal health, including our mental well-being? Evidence strongly suggests that times of great social upheaval/unrest take place during increased solar activity or solar changes, including the weeks and months leading up to the magnetic flip. Are the recent spate of mass animal deaths observed globally connected to these solar changes in any way?

Is there a connection between the Earth being bombarded with space dust as it passes through cometary debris trails and the outbreaks of plagues? There is strong evidence to suggest that several outbreaks of the Bubonic Plague throughout the world took place around the time of major comet's passing close to the Earth [Comet Negra]. Is this the reason why for centuries people panicked whenever a comet was observed in the skies? Is this where the ancient folklore of the living dead derived? In the classic film "Night of the Living Dead", it is the passing of a comet that causes the dead to rise up from the graves. Director George Romero has stated that he was inspired by this ancient folklore associated with the passing of comets and the effects on human health that have been observed over the centuries. It is theorized that some comets are comprised of large amounts of cyanide, a potent toxin. Many of the symptoms attributed to the Plague of the Middle Ages are strikingly similar to cyanide poisoning.

There are obviously more questions than answers when it comes to Comet ISON, the truth about how comets have "impacted" the earth over the years (they don't have to strike the earth directly to do us harm), and how changes in solar behavior also changes life as we know it on Terra Firma. Everyone needs to draw their own conclusions about the extreme confluence of events taking place in all aspects of life at present (socioeconomic, geopolitical, geological and climatic) and how changes taking place "far, far away" have a powerful influence.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Crisis in the Canary Islands: New Volcano Threatens to Erupt

Residents of the tiny island of El Hierro in the Canary Island chain off the coast of Africa are preparing for the worst after a series of strong earthquakes shook the region, creating landslides and fraying nerves of the local population.

The earthquake swarm culminated with one of the largest tremors ever recorded in the region, a magnitude 5.4, which hit the island yesterday afternoon, local time. The earthquake swarm began only 48 hours earlier, when seismologists noted a significant uplift in the ground near the submarine volcano of approximately seven centimeters. Local agencies designated to monitor the volcano raised the alert level to "Yellow" only yesterday morning, signifying an increased potential for the volcano to erupt.

The burgeoning volcano emerged from the sea only two years ago, following a series of similar earthquake swarms. A methane plume was noted rising from the sea bed shortly before the initial eruption of the new volcanic system.

More than 550 earthquakes rattled the area between Monday and Wednesday of this week, also centered on or near El Hierro. About 30 of the earthquakes were greater than magnitude 3 on the Richter Scale. Scientists and vulcanologists believe the seismic activity to be related to the movement of magma beneath the volcano. Similar earthquake swarms have been noted in the days and weeks leading up to major eruptions of other volcanic systems throughout the world.

The 2011 eruption of the underwater volcano created havoc on the island, home to some 10,000 residents, as the poisonous gases and debris emitted from the volcano affected the island's fisheries, the main source of jobs and income. Thousands of residents in the island's main village of La Restinga were also forced to evacuate as a precautionary measure.

Local agencies are monitoring the situation on a twenty-four-hour basis and are keeping the island on evacuation advisement, should a more violent earthquake or eruption take place. The region has long been a favorite vacation spot for Europeans, who flock to the sub-tropical island chain's world-famous beaches.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Rare Ice Phenomenon in Colorado River, Population Conditioned for Climate Change

Update: December 16, 2013: Looks as if the European Science Council's warning to the continent about the increase in damaging and deadly storms over the region could already be playing out...in a Day After Tomorrow type scenario! Preliminary reports from various weather bureaus are calling for a series of up to 5 major storm events to sweep over northern parts of Europe (affecting Ireland and the UK) between now and Christmas! That is just over a week away! The first system, Winter Storm Emily, is expected to pound Ireland and the UK beginning on Thursday, bringing hurricane force winds and coastal flooding to the region. Satellite imagery is showing the formation of additional cyclonic systems directly behind Emily, so this situation definitely needs to be monitored. More information about Emily may be viewed here: Emily Set to Pound Ireland, UK: 
Series of winter storms before Christmas?

A rare phenomenon known as an ice stream or ice dam has been witnessed and captured on film in Colorado!

The amazing video of the ice stream racing down the San Miguel River in Colorado was caught on camera by Sheriff's Deputy Bill Masters who stood on a bridge overlooking the normally tranquil waters.

While such scenes are not uncommon in more remote regions such as Alaska because of glacial debris, they are highly unusual in more populated areas such as Colorado. They are also more common in the Spring season when warmer temperatures begin to thaw out deposits of thick ice from around rivers and other large bodies of water.

This is yet another sign in a long and growing list of once rare climatic phenomena that are taking place now on a daily basis. The population of the planet has by now become so inured with bizarre and deadly weather events happening every day that the majority of people no longer pay any attention to the news reports, until they are directly affected by them, of course.

Take into consideration the European Science Council's recent warning to the citizens of Europe that deadly and increasingly powerful storms would continue to batter the continent for at least "the next 30 years." The human cost of this will be incalculable, as will the financial burden from these events. The report is another example of the conditioning language being released via the global media to ease the idea of catastrophic climate change onto the general populace by making the events seem "normal" or innocuous, when clearly they are not. The Science Council's full report may be viewed here: European Science Council Issues Dire Warming about Future Climate Change!

As if more evidence was needed, the Middle East was battered by a once "highly rare" snow storm (Alexa), that dumped heavy snow and brought bitingly cold temperatures to Israel, Lebanon and Syria. Cairo, Egypt, saw its first measurable snow in over 110 years! Even the fact that these storms are being given names (which was once only the domain of powerful hurricanes and typhoons) can be viewed as a conditioning agent to make climate change seem more appealing and acceptable to the populace.

I fully anticipate more conditioning language to be associated with a never-ending list of unusual and deadly weather or geological events to continue unabated over the next days, weeks and months. Stay tuned and stay safe.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Shape of Things to Come: Is Something Out There?

In response to anomalous SECCHI images:

The only thing any of us can do at this point is assume, since the agencies entrusted with tracking objects such as this are not exactly being forthcoming, especially considering the billions of tax payer dollars they use to fund these projects, ostensibly in an effort to "save humanity" (as if it is worth saving). This object (Hercolobus, Nibiru, Nemesis, The Destroyer, Planet X, Wormwood, et. al) could be responsible for the influx of comets (ISON, Encke, et. al.) arriving in our solar system from the Oort Cloud as it passes through.

As to the validity of these images, I cannot say for sure if they are genuine or just another anomaly, but there certainly have been a great many "anomalies" being viewed over the past several years.

My theory is that there certainly is "something" out there influencing the Earth in a negative way. Whatever it is, is not only altering the climate and geology of the planet, but this is also manifesting itself on the geopolitical and socioeconomic fronts. It is also affecting human behavior and health, which, in case you hadn't noticed, is off the charts. Even the animals are losing it. The list of things powerful enough to influence all of these different aspects of terrestrial life is extremely short.

There might be three things on this list. One would certainly be the Sun. As the sun is responsible for all of life on this planet, it stands to reason it could also be the cause of the death of the planet. The other would be an extra-solar system object such as the one being discussed here.

Whatever the truth is, we live in fascinating times...

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