Sunday, December 15, 2013

Rare Ice Phenomenon in Colorado River, Population Conditioned for Climate Change

Update: December 16, 2013: Looks as if the European Science Council's warning to the continent about the increase in damaging and deadly storms over the region could already be playing a Day After Tomorrow type scenario! Preliminary reports from various weather bureaus are calling for a series of up to 5 major storm events to sweep over northern parts of Europe (affecting Ireland and the UK) between now and Christmas! That is just over a week away! The first system, Winter Storm Emily, is expected to pound Ireland and the UK beginning on Thursday, bringing hurricane force winds and coastal flooding to the region. Satellite imagery is showing the formation of additional cyclonic systems directly behind Emily, so this situation definitely needs to be monitored. More information about Emily may be viewed here: Emily Set to Pound Ireland, UK: 
Series of winter storms before Christmas?

A rare phenomenon known as an ice stream or ice dam has been witnessed and captured on film in Colorado!

The amazing video of the ice stream racing down the San Miguel River in Colorado was caught on camera by Sheriff's Deputy Bill Masters who stood on a bridge overlooking the normally tranquil waters.

While such scenes are not uncommon in more remote regions such as Alaska because of glacial debris, they are highly unusual in more populated areas such as Colorado. They are also more common in the Spring season when warmer temperatures begin to thaw out deposits of thick ice from around rivers and other large bodies of water.

This is yet another sign in a long and growing list of once rare climatic phenomena that are taking place now on a daily basis. The population of the planet has by now become so inured with bizarre and deadly weather events happening every day that the majority of people no longer pay any attention to the news reports, until they are directly affected by them, of course.

Take into consideration the European Science Council's recent warning to the citizens of Europe that deadly and increasingly powerful storms would continue to batter the continent for at least "the next 30 years." The human cost of this will be incalculable, as will the financial burden from these events. The report is another example of the conditioning language being released via the global media to ease the idea of catastrophic climate change onto the general populace by making the events seem "normal" or innocuous, when clearly they are not. The Science Council's full report may be viewed here: European Science Council Issues Dire Warming about Future Climate Change!

As if more evidence was needed, the Middle East was battered by a once "highly rare" snow storm (Alexa), that dumped heavy snow and brought bitingly cold temperatures to Israel, Lebanon and Syria. Cairo, Egypt, saw its first measurable snow in over 110 years! Even the fact that these storms are being given names (which was once only the domain of powerful hurricanes and typhoons) can be viewed as a conditioning agent to make climate change seem more appealing and acceptable to the populace.

I fully anticipate more conditioning language to be associated with a never-ending list of unusual and deadly weather or geological events to continue unabated over the next days, weeks and months. Stay tuned and stay safe.

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