Tuesday, December 31, 2013

More Questions Than Answers: The Truth About Comet ISON?

Did an amateur astronomer capture a photo of ISON debris field?

There are still questions whether Comet ISON has survived its trip through our solar system, and it certainly never lived up to the hype of "Comet of the Century". Initially, it was believed that ISON disintegrated after perihelion in late November, but it was spotted shortly after emerging from behind the sun. Now, an amateur astronomer has captured photographs of what is believed to be ISON's debris cloud [above photo].

This information comes from a public forum regarding the astronomer's discovery:

 "I tried imaging of the ephemeris of C/2012 S1 ISON at 11,000 feet above sea level. There looked to be some faint and vast elongated object near the direction on the frame showing some amount of IFN, integrated flux nebulae, though I can not confirm it the remnant of the comet. The object was faint as IFN.

I will image the ephemeris area again in the coming days, and I may be able to confirm it, if it moved as expected. The object looked vast and faint, and telephoto lens of focal length 150mm - 300mm may be suitable for imaging."

Best Wishes,
"hiro" (Dec 29)

Later, NASA tweeted apparent confirmation of the astronomer's discovery: "Could this dark diagonal "shadow" be the remains of comet #ISON?"  [Nice of them to post second-hand information, as they should be so forthcoming!]

Could the recent increase in fireball explosions around the globe over the past two weeks be attributed to ISON's rather substantial debris cloud? Initially, NASA confirmed that the Earth would pass directly through the debris cloud starting in late-December through early January of 2014. Then why did the "experts" scratch their heads, play dumb and say the large fireball explosion witnessed over a large part of the Midwest in the US on Tuesday of last week was "mysterious"? As I tweeted yesterday, "No Mystery Here: Strange Midwest #Fireball Perplexes Astronomers: http://bit.ly/Jpazc0  #ISON #Meteor #Comet

What is the connection between NASA's confirmation only yesterday that the Sun had flipped its magnetic poles on its regular 11-year cycle? Did the sun interact with ISON, causing it to explode into billions of smaller particles? If an amateur astronomer in Australia can detect the comet's remnants with a small, store-bought telescope, why can't a government agency with a $10 Billion yearly budget make the same discovery and announce it to the general population?

Is there a connection between the reversal of the solar poles and  geologic and climatic instability? The record for the number of volcanoes that have erupted in a calendar year has been shattered in 2013 at 85 eruptions (and this will probably grow today, the last day of the year, as the troubling earthquake swarm in the Canary Islands continues. Edit: Although I was only joking, sure enough, Mt. Sinabung in Indonesia erupted once again today!!!) The Webbot Project has released many reports over the past decade, detailing events that would be taking place on Earth in the months leading up to and immediately following the solar magnetic flip. Many of these events have already come to pass; many are too frightening to list here. What are the effects of these solar changes on human and animal health, including our mental well-being? Evidence strongly suggests that times of great social upheaval/unrest take place during increased solar activity or solar changes, including the weeks and months leading up to the magnetic flip. Are the recent spate of mass animal deaths observed globally connected to these solar changes in any way?

Is there a connection between the Earth being bombarded with space dust as it passes through cometary debris trails and the outbreaks of plagues? There is strong evidence to suggest that several outbreaks of the Bubonic Plague throughout the world took place around the time of major comet's passing close to the Earth [Comet Negra]. Is this the reason why for centuries people panicked whenever a comet was observed in the skies? Is this where the ancient folklore of the living dead derived? In the classic film "Night of the Living Dead", it is the passing of a comet that causes the dead to rise up from the graves. Director George Romero has stated that he was inspired by this ancient folklore associated with the passing of comets and the effects on human health that have been observed over the centuries. It is theorized that some comets are comprised of large amounts of cyanide, a potent toxin. Many of the symptoms attributed to the Plague of the Middle Ages are strikingly similar to cyanide poisoning.

There are obviously more questions than answers when it comes to Comet ISON, the truth about how comets have "impacted" the earth over the years (they don't have to strike the earth directly to do us harm), and how changes in solar behavior also changes life as we know it on Terra Firma. Everyone needs to draw their own conclusions about the extreme confluence of events taking place in all aspects of life at present (socioeconomic, geopolitical, geological and climatic) and how changes taking place "far, far away" have a powerful influence.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Crisis in the Canary Islands: New Volcano Threatens to Erupt

Residents of the tiny island of El Hierro in the Canary Island chain off the coast of Africa are preparing for the worst after a series of strong earthquakes shook the region, creating landslides and fraying nerves of the local population.

The earthquake swarm culminated with one of the largest tremors ever recorded in the region, a magnitude 5.4, which hit the island yesterday afternoon, local time. The earthquake swarm began only 48 hours earlier, when seismologists noted a significant uplift in the ground near the submarine volcano of approximately seven centimeters. Local agencies designated to monitor the volcano raised the alert level to "Yellow" only yesterday morning, signifying an increased potential for the volcano to erupt.

The burgeoning volcano emerged from the sea only two years ago, following a series of similar earthquake swarms. A methane plume was noted rising from the sea bed shortly before the initial eruption of the new volcanic system.

More than 550 earthquakes rattled the area between Monday and Wednesday of this week, also centered on or near El Hierro. About 30 of the earthquakes were greater than magnitude 3 on the Richter Scale. Scientists and vulcanologists believe the seismic activity to be related to the movement of magma beneath the volcano. Similar earthquake swarms have been noted in the days and weeks leading up to major eruptions of other volcanic systems throughout the world.

The 2011 eruption of the underwater volcano created havoc on the island, home to some 10,000 residents, as the poisonous gases and debris emitted from the volcano affected the island's fisheries, the main source of jobs and income. Thousands of residents in the island's main village of La Restinga were also forced to evacuate as a precautionary measure.

Local agencies are monitoring the situation on a twenty-four-hour basis and are keeping the island on evacuation advisement, should a more violent earthquake or eruption take place. The region has long been a favorite vacation spot for Europeans, who flock to the sub-tropical island chain's world-famous beaches.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Rare Ice Phenomenon in Colorado River, Population Conditioned for Climate Change

Update: December 16, 2013: Looks as if the European Science Council's warning to the continent about the increase in damaging and deadly storms over the region could already be playing out...in a Day After Tomorrow type scenario! Preliminary reports from various weather bureaus are calling for a series of up to 5 major storm events to sweep over northern parts of Europe (affecting Ireland and the UK) between now and Christmas! That is just over a week away! The first system, Winter Storm Emily, is expected to pound Ireland and the UK beginning on Thursday, bringing hurricane force winds and coastal flooding to the region. Satellite imagery is showing the formation of additional cyclonic systems directly behind Emily, so this situation definitely needs to be monitored. More information about Emily may be viewed here: Emily Set to Pound Ireland, UK: 
Series of winter storms before Christmas?

A rare phenomenon known as an ice stream or ice dam has been witnessed and captured on film in Colorado!

The amazing video of the ice stream racing down the San Miguel River in Colorado was caught on camera by Sheriff's Deputy Bill Masters who stood on a bridge overlooking the normally tranquil waters.

While such scenes are not uncommon in more remote regions such as Alaska because of glacial debris, they are highly unusual in more populated areas such as Colorado. They are also more common in the Spring season when warmer temperatures begin to thaw out deposits of thick ice from around rivers and other large bodies of water.

This is yet another sign in a long and growing list of once rare climatic phenomena that are taking place now on a daily basis. The population of the planet has by now become so inured with bizarre and deadly weather events happening every day that the majority of people no longer pay any attention to the news reports, until they are directly affected by them, of course.

Take into consideration the European Science Council's recent warning to the citizens of Europe that deadly and increasingly powerful storms would continue to batter the continent for at least "the next 30 years." The human cost of this will be incalculable, as will the financial burden from these events. The report is another example of the conditioning language being released via the global media to ease the idea of catastrophic climate change onto the general populace by making the events seem "normal" or innocuous, when clearly they are not. The Science Council's full report may be viewed here: European Science Council Issues Dire Warming about Future Climate Change!

As if more evidence was needed, the Middle East was battered by a once "highly rare" snow storm (Alexa), that dumped heavy snow and brought bitingly cold temperatures to Israel, Lebanon and Syria. Cairo, Egypt, saw its first measurable snow in over 110 years! Even the fact that these storms are being given names (which was once only the domain of powerful hurricanes and typhoons) can be viewed as a conditioning agent to make climate change seem more appealing and acceptable to the populace.

I fully anticipate more conditioning language to be associated with a never-ending list of unusual and deadly weather or geological events to continue unabated over the next days, weeks and months. Stay tuned and stay safe.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Shape of Things to Come: Is Something Out There?

In response to anomalous SECCHI images:

The only thing any of us can do at this point is assume, since the agencies entrusted with tracking objects such as this are not exactly being forthcoming, especially considering the billions of tax payer dollars they use to fund these projects, ostensibly in an effort to "save humanity" (as if it is worth saving). This object (Hercolobus, Nibiru, Nemesis, The Destroyer, Planet X, Wormwood, et. al) could be responsible for the influx of comets (ISON, Encke, et. al.) arriving in our solar system from the Oort Cloud as it passes through.

As to the validity of these images, I cannot say for sure if they are genuine or just another anomaly, but there certainly have been a great many "anomalies" being viewed over the past several years.

My theory is that there certainly is "something" out there influencing the Earth in a negative way. Whatever it is, is not only altering the climate and geology of the planet, but this is also manifesting itself on the geopolitical and socioeconomic fronts. It is also affecting human behavior and health, which, in case you hadn't noticed, is off the charts. Even the animals are losing it. The list of things powerful enough to influence all of these different aspects of terrestrial life is extremely short.

There might be three things on this list. One would certainly be the Sun. As the sun is responsible for all of life on this planet, it stands to reason it could also be the cause of the death of the planet. The other would be an extra-solar system object such as the one being discussed here.

Whatever the truth is, we live in fascinating times...

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

First Ever "Selfie"? Grand Duchess Anastasia Photographed Herself in Mirror in 1914

Could  the 21st century trend of "selfies" (self-photographs taken with a smart phone and a mirror) have been invented almost a hundred years ago by a young member of Russian royalty?

A century before Instagram and Snap Chat became the normal way of sharing photographs to the world at large, the young, enigmatic Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia, the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, the last sovereign of Imperial Russia, took a lovely "selfie" of herself using a Kodak Brownie camera, manufactured in 1900, to send to a friend of the family.

Seeing that the teen lived in the magnificently opulent Alexander Palace in Tsarskoe, Russia, (pictured below) at the time,  it is easy to see how she could have been bored! In a letter that accompanied the photograph that was dated October 28, 1914, the young Anastasia wrote, "I took this picture of myself looking at the mirror. It was very hard as my hands were trembling."

Unfortunately, life did not turn out so well for Anastasia: She was murdered along with her entire family by the Bolshevik secret police during the Russian revolution on July 17, 1918, at the young age of 18. Rumors that she had escaped the assassination persisted throughout Europe for years, until the actual location of where her body had been buried was discovered in 2007.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Queen of Denial: Freak Cyclone Cleopatra Pounds Sardinia

Denial ain't just a river in Egypt, as the old adage goes...

The residents of Sardinia are busy cleaning up after a freak cyclone by the name of Cleopatra delivered a powerful blow to the Mediterranean island, long a getaway retreat for Europeans looking for a bit of sun, sand and surf.

At least 18 people were killed and thousands left homeless after Cyclone Cleopatra deluged the island with an astonishing 450 millimeters (17 inches) of rain in only an hour and a half overnight.  The torrential rain flooded the streets of cities and villages across Sardinia, off the coast of Italy, sweeping away cars, animals and people and flooding countless thousands of homes. More rain fell on the island in 90 minutes than usually falls in more than half a year, local weather officials announced. The Red Cross has stepped in, providing temporary shelter for the thousands of residents displaced by the unusual weather event.

The disaster in Sardinia comes only days after an unusual November tornado outbreak swept across the US Midwest, with hundreds of tornadoes touching down and causing deaths and destruction across several states. The cyclone also follows the most powerful storm ever recorded, Typhoon Haiyan, which slammed into the Philippines as a post-Category 5 storm, leaving tens of thousands of people dead and destroying entire cities. A freak cyclone struck the coast of Somalia only two days after Haiyan's deadly voyage, killing almost five hundred people and destroying entire villages along the coast of the east African nation. A freak rain storm also struck Saudi Arabia earlier this week, dumping copious amounts of rain on a usually arid region of the world, creating havoc and destruction.

Expect more stories of a similar nature to come in the future as the runaway effects of climate change continues with a vice-like grip on the world's population:

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Death Toll in Philippines Expected to Exceed 10,000: "We Don't Have Enough Body Bags"

Typhoon Haiyan's Fury

Update: Alerts have been issued for the Philippines as Tropical Depression Zoraida threatens to form into a tropical storm/typhoon and follow virtually the same track as Haiyan. This will bring more high winds and heavy rains to areas completely devastated by Haiyan, making an already desperate situation even more desperate:

Update II: There are fears that the initial estimate of 10,000 people killed by the horrific Typhoon Haiyan is far too low in the face of this monumental cataclysm. Rescue workers have described the once vibrant Tacloban City as a "corpse-choked wasteland", with rescuers scrambling for body bags and places to bury the dead. Survivors continue to patrol the streets in shell-shocked dismay and silence, searching for surviving family members, mementos as well as food, shelter and fresh water. No city or town in Haiyan's devilish path remain standing. Many communities up the coast have been left virtually inaccessible by the overwhelming debris field, where thousands more people are certainly dead or dying. Conservative damage estimates from the storm are from between $8-15 Billion US, making this one of the most expensive disasters...this year.  The human cost of this disaster is beyond measure.

There are terrifying stories coming out of the Philippines this weekend after one of the most powerful storms ever recorded, Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), smashed into the Southeast Asia island nation as a post-Category Five super typhoon on Friday.

Packing sustained winds in excess of 200mph, the storm lay to waste entire cities in the Eastern Samar region of the country. While official estimates on a death toll are not clear at this time, the situation in the Philippines is clearly very grim. Local officials and law enforcement in the region are calling out for global support in the rescue and clean-up efforts, begging for emergency supplies from the international community as well as body bags to contain dead bodies being recovered. In some more remote areas, officials are resorting to burying dead bodies, many unidentified,  in mass graves out of fear of creating a disease epidemic.

Early estimates fear that at least 10,000 people are dead and that many others will perish due to a lack of clean, potable water, fresh food and medicine, especially in more remote regions where towns are completely inaccessible due to debris-clogged roadways. Early reports indicate that a large portion of the country's infrastructure is completely destroyed and could take years if not decades to repair.

The city of Tacloban, which has a population of over 200,000, appears to be completely devastated by the incredible force of the storm, which created a deadly tidal storm surge that swept into the city and damaged or destroyed nearly every building in the entire city. The death toll in Tacloban alone is feared to be in the thousands. A correspondent for the BBC says that thousands of people have sought temporary shelter at the local airport in Tacloban City, which sustained massive damage from Haiyan, many desperate to get flights out of the city, although only emergency aid flights are being allowed to land and leave at this time. Aerial views from the region show miles and miles of city left in complete devastation as far as the eye can see. Thousands of survivors are now roaming the debris-ridden streets in shock, in search of shelter and food. ""People are walking like zombies looking for food," said Jenny Chu, a medical student in Leyte. "It's like a [horror] movie."

The ferocious storm of the century comes only weeks after a series of less powerful storms swept across the nation as well as an intense earthquake which rattled parts of the Philippines and toppled buildings and frayed nerves, leaving more than 300 people dead. 

The storm is expected to make landfall again in Vietnam early on Monday as a far less powerful storm. Over 600,000 people in Vietnam have been evacuated as a precaution from the still dangerous typhoon. New satellite imagery shows a storm currently developing over the same region that spawned Haiyan, with fears a second storm could follow close on its deadly heels.

Update: According to Weather Underground, Typhoon Haiyan is now officially the strongest storm on record, besting the old record set by Hurricane Camille, which devastated the Gulf Coast of the US in 1969:

Graph courtesy of Weather Underground

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Oh, Fuuudddgggeee! New Book Celebrates A Christmas Story Film

If you are like me, it simply is not Christmas at my house without at least one viewing of the classic holiday comedy, A Christmas Story! The film about one boy's never-ending quest for the ultimate Christmas present, a Red Ryder BB Gun, has become one of the most beloved holiday movie's of all time.

Watching as Ralphie plots and schemes to get the only Christmas present that matter to him, all of us can remember and relate to that wonderful sense of innocence we possessed as children, eagerly anticipating what Santa would bring for us on Christmas morning. The film is the perfect slice of Americana, representing a time of innocence and wonder long-since gone from our world.

You can celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the cherished film with a new book, You'll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid: A Christmas Story Trivia Book, which takes a loving look back at an incredibly special movie that millions of people the world over love. You can test your knowledge of the film with family and friends...what better way to bring the whole family together on Christmas morning?

The book is now available in both a paperback and Kindle edition, exclusively from Amazon. Simply click on the links below:

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid: A Christmas Story Trivia Book (Paperback)
Kindle Edition

Monday, November 4, 2013

Three Suns Appear in Sky Over Mongolia

Chinese residents grabbed their cameras and rushed outside to marvel at an extremely rare astronomical illusion of "triple suns" in the sky over Chifeng, in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region over the weekend

The sun appeared to be accompanied by two smaller twins that suddenly emerged in the sky at around nine AM local time, and the third “sun” appeared to be surrounded by several arched rainbow-like halos.

The astronomical illusion remained in the skies over Chifeng for approximately two hours, and many residents took pictures or videos to record the incredible moment out on the streets.

Some witnesses claim to have seen five suns shining in certain areas of the city. The illusion is actually classified as a legitimate astronomical phenomenon known as phantom sun or ice halo, according to the Chifeng Meteorological Bureau.

The rare phenomena only appears when ice crystals create high clouds in the air around 6,000 meters above ground, and produce reflected sunlight, which causes the appearance of additional “suns”. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fire Down Below: Troubling List of Erupting Volcanoes

Update: December 07, 2013: It is official. The record of volcanic eruptions during a calendar year has been broken in 2013! The average number of volcanic eruptions in a year has been 50-60, but this year we have had a record-breaking 83 eruptions, which bests the previous record of 82 set in 2010. Without a doubt, the earth is experiencing a dangerously serious uptick in both volcanic and seismic activity. The ash, ejecta and carbon dioxide from all of these eruptions is being propelled high into the atmosphere and circling the globe, which will definitely have an influence on the global climate.

When Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines erupted in 1991 with a VEI (Volcanic Explosive Index) of 6 on a scale to 8,  the average global temperature dropped by an astonishing two degrees for over two years, due to the ash partially blocking out the light from the sun. The eruptions of Krakatoa and Tambora in Indonesia in the 19th century also created climate chaos, with record cold temperatures and snows experienced globally.

 What could be causing the dramatic increase in volcanic activity? See my recent blog regarding anomalies detected within our solar system here: Is Something Out There?
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

With today’s eruption of Mount Sinabung on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, a very troubling list of volcanoes that are at present experiencing eruptions and/or major upticks in unrest and activity should be brought to life. At present, there are 36 volcanoes erupting, with at least triple that amount experiencing unrest or minor activity within the past year.

Particularly troubling are the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia where five volcanoes are currently in eruption phase with ten other volcanoes experiencing minor or increased activity.

Eruptions in Indonesia and the Philippines in the Ring of Fire are also disturbing, as so many of the volcanoes are very near to large population centers and any major eruptions would entail mass evacuations of large groups of people.

The most disturbing intel I have read is that the lava dome located beneath the Yellowstone Park super-volcano in Montana has nearly tripled in size and expanded over the past decade, with an increase in harmonic tremors and seismic activity. The Yellowstone volcano is perhaps the world’s most dangerous, and a significant eruption would place literally billions of lives at risk, due to massive amounts of ash and debris that would be released high into the atmosphere, blotting out all life for perhaps hundreds of miles and creating havoc with the global climate.  

For a complete list of volcanoes erupting or experiencing activity, please visit here:

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fool's Gold: Scientists Discover Gold in Eucalyptus Trees

The old saying goes "Money doesn't grow on trees", but the leaves of the eucalyptus tree may hold clues that there is gold in the ground beneath them!

Scientists in Australia have discovered that many plants and trees in the drier areas of the country have root systems that burrow deep within the earth in search of precious water in order to survive. (Australia is the driest nation on the planet, as the current devastating wildfires will attest.) The trees, in particular the eucalyptus, then absorb gold and other mineral particles from the ground. In an effort to expel the toxic heavy metals, the particles of gold are then expelled through the leaves, which are the favorite treats of those adorable koala bears!

The gold particles are extremely tiny—only about one-tenth the width of a normal human hair— which means it would take a lot of particles to make any money. The presence of the gold particles in the trees, however, would be a good indication that there are gold deposits located in the ground beneath the trees, which is good news for any prospectors Down Under!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Beast Approaches: India Prepares For Monster Cyclone Phailin

India has emergency preparations in place as highly dangerous Cyclone Phailin, which formed only a few days ago in the Bay of Bengal, bears down on the sub-continent.  The storm is as of now the equivalent of a Category Five on the Saffir-Simpson scale  and is enormous in size, comparable in size to Hurricane Katrina, which devastated New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region of the United States in 2005.

Highly destructive winds well over 160 kph (100 mph) and flooding rain of at least 100-200 mm (4-8 inches) is expected across a wide area.  A catastrophic storm surge of at least 4-6 meters (14-20 feet) is expected in advance of the storm making landfall on Saturday morning, local time.

The local government has issued mandatory evacuation orders for people living in the path of the ferocious storm, with several hundred thousands residents already relocated to designated shelters throughout the region. Anyone residing in the states of Orissa or eastern Andhra Pradesh is strongly encouraged to take proper precautions and prepare for life-threatening conditions as the storm makes landfall.

Phailin is the most dangerous storm to hit the region since 1999, when super cyclone Odisha hit India, killing more than 15,000 people.  The areas expected to be pummeled by Phailan this weekend, specifically in an area from the cities of Visakhapatnam to Brahmapur, is home to millions of people, a majority of whom live in substandard housing.

After making landfall in northeastern India on Saturday, the cyclone will continue to track northwest through the interior of India and weaken Sunday into Monday, where heavy rain will continue to cause flooding and even mudslides through early next week.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Creepy Crawlies: Centipede Venom May Be More Powerful Than Morphine

Scientists at the University of Utah have discovered that the venom of centipedes may actually be a more powerful painkiller than morphine, a new study has concluded.

The venom from the Chinese red-headed centipede apparently contains a compound that blocks pain receivers in the body, and would work better than the standard morphine currently being used for sufferers of acute, chronic pain.

Experiments conducted on mice in a laboratory have shown that the centipede venom is highly effective in stopping pain and in some instances can actually work better, but without the terrible side effects of morphine.  Another positive is that mice given the venom did not develop an addiction to the drug because it does not block the same receptors that morphine does.

The drug will have to go through a battery of more tests to prove how safe it is and pass muster with the FDA before being introduced to the US market.

This kind of gives a new twist to that creepily awful movie The Human Centipede...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Earth Changes Alert: Deadly Earthquake in Pakistan, New Island Emerges in Sea

Second Update: NASA has released some incredible  images of the new volcanic island that sprang forth from the sea off the coast of Pakistan after last week's powerful earthquake.  The new terrestrial formation has been given the name Zalzala Jazeera, or  "earthquake island" and can be seen from space.

Update: The official death toll now sits at 328, with thousands still missing. New reports coming from the region state that the new "island" actually measures 250 to 300 feet (76-91 meters) in length, and about 60 to 70 feet (18-21 meters) above the water. Local residents are now going out to the island to see the mysterious new land mass for themselves and taking photographs. Scientists on the scene have confirmed that methane gas is being emitted from cracks and fissures in the newly-formed island and have forbidden any members of their crew to strike a match or start a fire for fear of igniting an explosion.

Today's deadly 7.8 earthquake in Pakistan has taken at least 328 lives with thousands still unaccounted for in in the impoverished area of the Baluchistan province. Thousands of buildings have collapsed, with many people still trapped in the ruins of buildings and homes, as rescuers try desperately to free survivors.

The U.S. Geological Survey says the quake had a magnitude of 7.8 with an epicenter about 230 kilometers southwest of Dalbandin in Pakistan's Baluchistan province, which borders Afghanistan and Iran.

Now, there are reports coming out of the region of a new land mass that has emerged off the coast of Pakistan following the powerful temblor. Pakistani TV Geo News, citing Pakistan's deputy inspector general, is reporting that a 100-foot-wide island arose out of the Arabian Sea about 350 feet off the coast of Gwadar immediately after the earthquake struck at 4:29 p.m. local time (11:29 GMT).  Pakistani media is also broadcasting a photograph of this new island mass.

Needless to say, this is another instantly recognizable news item to those who have been following the Webbot Project and their predictions regarding the earth changes that are now manifesting across the planet. For years, the "New Land Rising" linguistic meme was an important part of the projects' ALTA runs, and was a pre-cursor to the "Global Coastal Event" disaster forecast that is predicted to affect most of humanity.  Follow this blog closely for any new information and important updates.

For more information, visit these related past blog posts:

Earth Changes in New Zealand

New Island Emerges Off Coast of Germany

The Webbot Project's Terrifying Prediction of the Future

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Make It Viral: Ugly Things at Garden Ridge

While visiting the local Garden Ridge craft mega-store today, I noticed two things: One, there sure is a lot of crappy stuff crammed onto the shelves and two, they keep the aisles pretty dark so you can't get a good look at just how crappy the stuff is! Here's a veritable treat of extremely kitschy objet d'art found at Garden Ridge! Enjoy!

The Hot Lips chair looks super comfortable and inviting...
There's something about an over-sized, Zebra-stripped stiletto heel chair that reminds me of big, warm hugs...

I think a five-year-old vomited on Aisle Eight after eating a bag of Skittles, some Pixie Sticks, and some garden-variety bugs for good measure...
This hanging mass of mildewed sea kelp wouldn't look any more appealing if the photograph was in focus... Now picture it on your wall!!!
A basketball made out the stone-washed jeans your Mom wore to see "Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo". Go, Wildcats!!!
Good to know Garden Ridge sells safety pins that are the perfect size if you have to diaper a Cyclops...
So, it is better luck to rub the Jade Buddha on it's tummy, or on its dangling man boobs?
The never-before-caught-on-film mating ritual of the wild Serengeti speckled lamp shades...
'Nuff said!!!
Here are two of Jackson Pollock's lesser-known works. The first painting is titled "How Drunk Am I?" The second is called "Does Drinking Rubbing Alcohol Make One Hallucinate?"
No wonder Mama Celeste broke things off with the Swedish Chef...

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Behold a Pale Horse: Apocalyptic Colorado Floods, Volcano State of Emergency in Peru & Indonesia, Comet ISON

Not to belabor a point...

Where to start, as the information and intel is coming in fast and furious, and we are definitely at the point of "shock & awe", as the webbots predicted several years out from current events.

The Earth Changes are by now too obvious for even the most casual observer to ignore. To say that we are neck-deep into the approaching crisis doesn't quite cover the extent of what we are witnessing and ...what is yet to come.

The "biblical and apocalyptic" flooding (the media's terminology) in Colorado and New Mexico is just the tip of the iceberg, as it were.  Now, current reports from the region have at least 500 people missing and unaccounted for, with some damage estimates over $3 Billion US. This will be the 12th Billion Dollar Plus disaster since January of this year,  worldwide.  It actually may be more than twelve, as I have lost count. Follow the money, folks, as the figures don't lie, but are telling an incredibly disturbing story.  Accounts coming out of the disaster zone are riveting and terrifying, with stories of abject terror as well as those of miraculous survival. More information about the catastrophe here.

Warning Signs: Take into account Janet Napolitano's chilling statement as she departed the office of the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security two weeks ago. She warned of not only an approaching Cyber World War, but that a "natural disaster — the likes of which the nation has never seen — is also likely on its way". This disaster has the the potential to not only cripple the United States, but the global economy and would place billions of lives in peril. Her wording was direct and to the point, so there is no room for misinterpretation. Keep in mind that Napolitano had access to extremely sensitive intelligence reports, from the FBI, the CIA as well as FEMA, NASA and the NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration.)  A warning from her should be taken VERY seriously. Her statements can be viewed as a conditioning report, to help prepare the populace to accept the idea of what is coming around the bend. The full story can be read here. 

From the Earth Changes files, a State of Emergency has been declared in the South American nation of Peru, due to continued eruptions of the Ubinas volcano. The volcano has erupted seven times in the past few weeks as it spews highly toxic ash and dust thousands of feet into the air.  More information can be found here.

Breaking News...I'm having to edit my blog post mid-stream, as more information and events  relevant to this story continue to pore in from around the globe. Now, there are reports of thousands of people fleeing for their lives on the Indonesian island of Sumatra due to a powerful eruption of the Mount Sinabung volcano. Full story here!

I am also receiving information of an uptick in seismic actitivy and harmonic tremors in the Yellowstone Caldera, one of the world's most dangerous super-volcanoes. I will keep everyone updated as I receive more information.

Also, some interesting images of Comet ISON are making the rounds. These images look suspiciously like the "Winged Disk" of Sumerian legend, as well as the Egyptian "Eye of Horus". The jury is still out on whether ISON will put on a spectacular show in the night (and day) skies over the next few months. I hope it does, so that it will make the sheeple of the world look up from their smart phones for a second or two and be in awe.

As always, stay tuned here for the latest, breaking information. I promise to bring the news to you, unvarnished and raw, the way the news should be. Peace out...
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