Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fire Down Below: Troubling List of Erupting Volcanoes

Update: December 07, 2013: It is official. The record of volcanic eruptions during a calendar year has been broken in 2013! The average number of volcanic eruptions in a year has been 50-60, but this year we have had a record-breaking 83 eruptions, which bests the previous record of 82 set in 2010. Without a doubt, the earth is experiencing a dangerously serious uptick in both volcanic and seismic activity. The ash, ejecta and carbon dioxide from all of these eruptions is being propelled high into the atmosphere and circling the globe, which will definitely have an influence on the global climate.

When Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines erupted in 1991 with a VEI (Volcanic Explosive Index) of 6 on a scale to 8,  the average global temperature dropped by an astonishing two degrees for over two years, due to the ash partially blocking out the light from the sun. The eruptions of Krakatoa and Tambora in Indonesia in the 19th century also created climate chaos, with record cold temperatures and snows experienced globally.

 What could be causing the dramatic increase in volcanic activity? See my recent blog regarding anomalies detected within our solar system here: Is Something Out There?
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With today’s eruption of Mount Sinabung on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, a very troubling list of volcanoes that are at present experiencing eruptions and/or major upticks in unrest and activity should be brought to life. At present, there are 36 volcanoes erupting, with at least triple that amount experiencing unrest or minor activity within the past year.

Particularly troubling are the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia where five volcanoes are currently in eruption phase with ten other volcanoes experiencing minor or increased activity.

Eruptions in Indonesia and the Philippines in the Ring of Fire are also disturbing, as so many of the volcanoes are very near to large population centers and any major eruptions would entail mass evacuations of large groups of people.

The most disturbing intel I have read is that the lava dome located beneath the Yellowstone Park super-volcano in Montana has nearly tripled in size and expanded over the past decade, with an increase in harmonic tremors and seismic activity. The Yellowstone volcano is perhaps the world’s most dangerous, and a significant eruption would place literally billions of lives at risk, due to massive amounts of ash and debris that would be released high into the atmosphere, blotting out all life for perhaps hundreds of miles and creating havoc with the global climate.  

For a complete list of volcanoes erupting or experiencing activity, please visit here:

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