Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Swedish Zoo Keeper Killed by Wolves

A zoo keeper in Sweden has been attacked and killed by a pack of wolves in her care, many she had taken care of since they were pups.

The 30-year-old female worker was attacked by at least eight wolves after she entered their enclosure at the Kolmården  Zoo. Her body was recovered by other zoo workers who had to form a human chain in order to force the wolves back and away from the body. The worker had been an employee at the zoological park for over three years, and had worked intensively with the wolves.

Animal experts say that such an attack by wolves on a human is an extremely rare occurrence, but that similar incidents have taken place. Experts also exert that zoo animals do not have a fear of humans, which can put some zoo workers in danger. No decision has been made if any of the wolves will be removed from Kolmården in light of the vicious attack.

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