Friday, June 8, 2012

The Wet Spot: High-End Retailer Harvey Nichols Uses Models Who Wet Their Pants

High-end UK department store chain Harvey Nichols is coming under fire for using an advertising campaign that features models who look as if they have wet their pants!

The ad campaign for the sale features the slogan "Try to Contain Your Excitement" and uses photographs of various models, both male and female, who have extremely noticeable wet spots located on the crotches of their super-expensive, designer outfits.

The exclusive London department store has sent out tens of thousands of flyers to homes across the UK with the clammy campaign, which is certain to draw the interest of fetishists from around the country. The photos are also blazoned across large billboards throughout the British capital. Many customers and shoppers have criticized the ad campaign, calling it "crass" and "off-putting".

While many people did find the Monty Python-esque humor in the advertisements, many others took to social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter to air their disgust. One Twitter member posted "Anyone in advertising? Even if not - take a look at the WORST advertising I’ve ever seen & it’s for @Harvey-Nichols". 

A spokesperson for the retail chain defended the campaign, stating, "We developed the campaign to promote our summer sale and capture the excitement in a light-hearted, humorous way." This isn't the first time Harvey Nichols has courted controversy with one of their ads. Last Christmas the chain used an ad that featured a disheveled woman returning to her flat after a night of wanton carnality, making the "Walk of Shame"  home through the streets from a tawdry one-night stand.

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