Saturday, June 9, 2012

Conspiracy Theory: High Levels of Radiation Detected in Indiana Has Internet Buzzing

For the past several days, reports of an intense radiation spike recorded in Indiana has been buzzing around the internet. Speculation by conspiracy theorists began almost immediately that a cover-up was afoot, after a story was initially posted on the internet claiming that radiation levels between the range of 2000 and 7000 CPMs (counts per minute, referring to the clicks on a Geiger counter, which registers radiation levels) were detected in northern Indiana near the Michigan border. Normal, safe CPMs should register between 5 and 60, while anything over 100 is considered elevated.

The story was promptly removed from the web. Reports surfaced that the readings were false, and the result of a malfunction or "anomaly". Then, reports of military aircraft being spotted in the area began to surface. Others reported the presence of Department of Homeland Security HAZMAT units in the area as well.

Curiously, in the days leading up to the "rumors", residents of the area reported hearing loud booms, which sounded like deep, rolling thunder that shook entire houses. Large trees were also reported to have fallen down or have split into two due to the shaking. No severe weather was reported in the region at the time. These booms and rumbles are very similar to a recent event that troubled a small community in Wisconsin in March of this year.

Of course, it probably WAS just a false reading, but with talk of a Zombie Apocalypse currently taking place and 2012 being the End of the World, this is just one more bizarre story to give the whole, creepy, disturbingly real idea more credence...

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