Friday, June 29, 2012

La Dolce Vita: Italian Village for Sale on eBay for $3 Million

If you are in the market for a good deal, you might consider purchasing an entire Italian village for the bargain basement price of $3 million US!

The medieval Tuscan hill town of Pratariccia—which consists of a total of 25 abandoned houses and buildings atop a promontory —is up for sale at online auction house eBay, for a reasonable starting bid of $3 million. The once lovely hilltop hamlet has been abandoned since the late 1960s. eBay does list the village as "in need of restoration", as most of the buildings have seen better days, many with collapsed roofs and crumbling façades after decades of neglect.

Set amid beautiful rolling hills and stunning scenery, Pratariccia is nestled deep in the Tuscan countryside and only 25 miles from the Renaissance gem of Florence. The town is also close to the inhabited hilltop villages of Bibbiena and Poppi, with Poppi being famous for its castle with Renaissance frescoes and Latin manuscripts dating from the Middle Ages.

Pratariccia also borders a national park that holds the source of the Arno River which flows through Florence before emptying into the Mediterranean Sea.

The town is currently owned by an order of monastic monks and was listed on eBay earlier this month for an original asking price of $5 million US. The price was lowered in recent days. If you are interested in purchasing the fixer-upper village, you may bid for it on eBay here: 

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