Friday, June 22, 2012

Not So Good Humor: Northeast Faces Ice Cream Bar Shortage

As parts of the country swelter under an oppressive heatwave, the Northeastern half of the United States faces a dire emergency: a shortage of Good Humor ice cream bars!

It seems that this year's freakishly warm Spring has left the venerable ice cream company with a low stock of its most popular ice cream bars, including the flavors Chocolate Eclair, Toasted Almond and Candy Center Crunch. Fans of the yummy summer-time favorite in the Northeast might find that their local stores will be completely out of the cooling treats.

A company representative assures that stock of the more popular flavors will be hitting retail outlets again over the next few weeks. ""We are confident that all issues will be resolved by mid-summer," parent company Unilever spokesman Jeff Graubard said in an email.

That can't come soon enough to ice cream truck drivers in the area affected by the outage, as they've seen sales of their scrumptious treats fall by at least 5 percent during the shortage, as customers are very particular to the flavors they want. Drivers report that often customers will opt not to buy anything at all once they've discovered that their favorite flavor is unavailable to purchase.

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