Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sleepy Head: Company Introduces Bed That Makes Itself

If you have ever wished that your bed could make itself, a Spanish company just might have created the invention of your dreams!

It's all just as simple as hitting a button located on the bed, and a series of rollers and cords will pull up the sheets and blankets as well as fluffing and straightening up the pillows. And the bed will make itself in under one minute, claims furniture company OHEA.

There will be a switch on the bed that will automatically detect when the bed is empty, and the bed will proceed to make itself up. You won't have to look at the pile of crumpled sheets and duvet covers while gulping down your coffee for that caffeine jolt to wake you up, as the automatic timer will make sure the bed is nice and neat so you won't have to glare at its untidiness while debating whether you should take the time to make it up nor or when you get home after a long day at work. (It always irks me more when I come home only to remember I was considerate enough to leave the bed unmade for myself to do that afternoon!)

Of course, if you have a large pile of covers and comforters on your bed, the self-making bed probably isn't going to be very practical for you. But I'd give it a try just so I wouldn't have to make up my bed for a week!

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