Friday, June 1, 2012

Condopocalypse: Luxury Condos to Survive the Apocalypse Sold Out

If you were planning on riding out the approaching Apocalypse in high style, you are out of luck. An underground bunker luxury condo complex has already pre-sold all of its available units!

Doomsday preppers have already dished out up to $2 million a piece for the customized condos, which are set to be constructed in an abandoned fourteen-floor missile silo in the middle of the Kansas prairie. Developer Larry Hall promises that residents will be able to survive any sort of earth-ending catastrophe in luxury deep underground, including economic and societal collapse, killer solar flares, comet strike upon the earth or the much-hyped Zombie Apocalypse!

Hall himself has a condo in the complex, where he plans to escape to should Armageddon suddenly descend upon us all. Built to withstand an atomic blast, even the most paranoid conspiracy theorist can find comfort inside concrete walls that are nine feet thick and stretch 174 feet underground. Seven of the 14 underground floors will be condo space selling for $2 million a floor or $1 million a half floor.

The complex will be self-sustaining, with an indoor farm and fishery to produce enough food to feed residents for as long as they are forced to remain underground. Underground tanks will be able to store tens of thousands of gallons of fresh water for residents to use for survival. The complex will also have a stockpile of fuel to run essential generators for electricity production.


  1. Sounds the plot to a movie lol

  2. I like your post and I suddenly remember when I was a kid we used to visit my aunties condo yet for now they are planning to sale their condo unit. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Nice expressing style, Thanks for share, Very utilitarian & informative. Keep up the good work...


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