Thursday, June 7, 2012

Moose Tracks: Adults Trick Kids into Eating Moose Dung

School staff members chaperoning a trip to the Canadian Wild are in trouble for playing a particularly foul prank on two children left in their care during a canoe excursion.

The parents of the two children were furious to learn that school leaders tricked their children into eating moose dung while on a canoe excursion in Manitoba, Canada. The disgusting gag was pulled in late May, when a chaperone offered the children what he called "chocolate covered almonds", which turned out to be moose droppings.

The other members of the group, in on the gag, laughed hysterically after the children put the droppings into their mouths. Now, the school members are being accused of hazing and bullying, two very serious charges. The dung became entangled in the braces of one of the young victims, the mother of the child claims. One mother has removed her child from the school system over the incident.

Even though it was a parent chaperone who played the tasteless joke, the school staff members are still responsible, said Lord Selkirk School Division superintendent Scott Kwasnitza. ""There's certainly an expectation that they will protect our children and this, this didn't need to go as far as it did. And the staff should have intervened in a timely fashion," Kwasnitza stated.

Three school staff members have been disciplined over the incident, but school administration has not revealed the nature of the disciplinary action.

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