Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Alarming! Bomb-Shaped Alarm Clark Certain to Jolt You Out of Bed

If waking up in a James Bond-esque movie is something that appeals to you, you might just need to purchase a new bomb-shaped alarm clock!

The new Defusable Alarm Clock gives groggy-headed double agents just a few seconds to defuse the clock on the bomb before it "explodes". It might seem like something out of the 80s action-adventure series MacGyver, which is by design. Designer Michael Krumpus got the idea after watching old spy movies and television shows.

"I thought it would be fun to build an alarm clock that looks just like the type of bomb that we always see in Hollywood movies," Krumpus says. "I certainly don't know anything about how a real bomb might look but in the movies they always have sticks of dynamite strapped together, a red digital readout and a bunch of curly wires."

The clock so closely resembles the public's perception of what a bomb looks like from movies and television, that a disclaimer message has been placed on the company's official website: "Dear Pranksters, I know you are excited to scare your friends and co-workers with a phony bomb but use your head.This kind of device can make people freak out and call the authorities."

The scare-tactic device retails for $40US and is available to purchase on the internet here.

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