Monday, June 11, 2012

Pub Alone: UK Prime Minister Forgets Daughter in Local Pub

It may have seemed like something out of the hit Macaulay Culkin comedy Home Alone after UK Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Sam both forgot their 8-year-old daughter at a pub!

The Camerons had been dining at the Plough Inn, located in Cadsden, Buckinghamshire, England, with their three children as well as two other families on Sunday evening. As the families were saying their good evenings, little Nancy decided it was time for a potty break, without telling anyone where she was going.

The couple did not realize that Nancy was not with them until after they arrived at their private country residence, in separate vehicles, some two miles away from the public house!  The Prime Minister had assumed that his wife had Nancy in the vehicle with her, and vice versa!

A spokesperson said that both of the parents were "distraught" over the entire incident, and that the Minister promptly returned to retrieve his errant daughter upon discovering that she was missing and that Nancy was perfectly fine. The spokesperson also stated the Camerons take full responsibility for leaving their daughter at the public house, and did not blame their security officers for the incident. 

The spokesperson failed to comment if either of the Camerons had consumed alcohol while at the pub. 

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