Friday, June 15, 2012

Invaders from Mars? Drone Aircraft Being Transported on US Highway Causes Alien Invasion Rumors

Sightings of a strange, unidentified object being transported by an eighteen-wheeler around the Washington, DC, area had many people believing alien visitors had arrived in the US capital!

Motorists began taking snapshots of the UFO-shaped object strapped down to a flatbed big rig on Wednesday evening. Soon enough, the pictures had already made their way onto social media sites Facebook and Twitter, sparking rampant rumors that alien invaders had made First Contact with earthlings.

Concerned citizens also began to call local emergency services to report the UFO being escorted down the Capital Beltway. When an emergency dispatcher asked one witness to describe the object, he hesitantly said "a UFO. I mean, I don't really know. I don't see too many UFO's on a regular basis."

As it turns out, the mystery object was an unmanned drone aircraft being transported to a top secret location. Drones have been used in the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan to patrol troubled regions and to report back high-tech surveillance. The US government has announced a controversial plan to begin using drone craft within the United States. Recently, an airplane flying over Denver, Colorado, had a very close encounter with an alleged drone aircraft, almost prompting a mid-air collision.

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