Sunday, June 10, 2012

After 115 Years Together, Turtle Mates Suddenly Can't Stand Each Other

A tortoise couple who have been together for a very long time have suddenly developed a complete aversion to one another!

Tortoises Bibi and Pidi from the Happ Reptile Zoo  in Klagenfurt, Austria, have been mates for the past 115 years, but after more than a century of togetherness, it appears the couple have hit a rough patch in their long-term relationship.

Now, Bibi has taken to attacking her former amour Pidi whenever she sees him, snapping and trying to take a bite out of him. What brought on the newly-aggressive behavior in the normally relaxed Bibi is not known (perhaps she just got tired of Pidi monopolizing all the sandbox time).

Zoo officials, desperate to mend the riff between the two turtles, have called in animal behavior experts to try and resolve their "marital" issues. (I believe 115 years constitutes a Common Law marriage, since they obviously don't have a marriage license.) Hopefully, Bibi and Pidi can resolve any issues and animosities they have, because we'd hate to see them throw away more than a century of turtle love.

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