Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Birthday Blues: Study Suggests People More Likely to Die on Birthday

On your next birthday, you might be careful not to strain yourself too much blowing out all of those candles on your cake, as a new study suggest people are more likely to die on their own birthdays as they get older!

Researchers conducted a study of over two million death cases from the past forty years and concluded that people experience an increased risk of dying on their actual birth dates from a series of risks, including heart attacks, strokes, accidents and suicides.

On average, people over the age of 60 were 14 % more likely to die on their birthdays than any other random day. Heart attack deaths rose by a percentage of 18.6 % and were more likely to claim men, while women suffered deadly strokes a staggering 21.5 % on their special day!

There was also a 34.9 % rise in birthday suicides, 28.5 % rise in accidental deaths not related to cars, and a 44 per cent rise in deaths from accidental falls occurring on victim's birthdays. Birthday suicide rates only increased significantly in men, the study concludes.

Famous individuals who died on their birthdays include playwright William Shakespeare, as well as actress Ingrid Bergman. 

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