Friday, June 8, 2012

Lucky/Chances: Superstar Novelist Jackie Collins Branches Out into Self-Publishing

She is the undisputed doyenne of the sexed-charged, page-turning novel, and now superstar novelist Jackie Collins is branching out, turning the publishing world on its ear (once again!!!).

Collins, the author of 28 steamy blockbusters that have sold close to half a BILLION copies worldwide, has turned her attention to two of the newest changes revolutionizing the publishing industry: e-publishing and self-publishing.

With a list of bestselling titles going back some 43 years (1968's The World Is Full of Married Men was her very first published book), Collins is now publishing some of her older titles (not that one has EVER been out-of-print) as eBooks. Her most recent addition to the eBook world is the novel that put her on the pot-boiling map, 1981's Chances. This multi-million copy international bestseller introduced Jackie's most legendary, beloved and popular heroine, Lucky Santangelo, who has thrilled readers worldwide with her incredible courage, devotion to family and friends and her amazing business acumen for over 30 years. Now a new generation of Collins fans can discover the charm and sex appeal of her dynamic novels, using their Kindle, Nook or iPad, while sipping a pina colada on the beach and ogling the hunks and babes rollicking half-naked on the sand. (Just the way Jackie would expect you to enjoy one of her books!)

Jackie is also turning heads in the publishing world with her decision to self-publish some of her titles. For decades, self-publishing was viewed as a "vanity press" and the choice of bad writers who couldn't land a contract, but with a new breed of self-publishing presses changing the rules and perceptions of the entire process, Jackie has decided to go the self-publishing route as well.

She has self-published a new edition of her classic book The Bitch, yes,  the book that inspired the infamous movie featuring Jackie's equally-famous sister Joan Collins as naughty nymph Fontaine Khaled, enjoying the Swinging Seventies topless above a pool. The title is now available in an edition from Amazon's self-publishing sister site CreateSpace. Jackie details the many reasons behind her decision to self-publish on her blog.

So, over forty years after changing the face of the publishing world, the beautiful and vivacious Jackie Collins continues to inspire, innovate and intrigue with the glittery, exciting world she manages to weave in the pages (both paper and digital) of her incredible novels. Expect her 29th bestseller, titled The Power Trip, to hit the presses next year, and you know it will be another hot and steamy read!

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