Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hail on Earth: Freak Colorado Storm Turns June into "Winter"

Colorado is used to dealing with tons of snow and ice during the winter months, but a freak storm left drifts of hail stones several feet thick after dumping copious amounts of rain.

The storm system swept through parts of Colorado and Wyoming on Thursday evening, drenching areas with torrential rains that quickly swamped low-lying streets and strained drainage systems. This was followed with damaging high winds and then a massive hail core dumped several feet of the icy menace, leaving the area resembling a winter wonderland in late Spring!

At least ten tornadoes were also confirmed as the storm front moved across the area. Tornadoes are extremely rare in Colorado. Hail stones the size of golf balls were reported, as the hail quickly piled up on lawns and in the streets. Graders had to be called out to help clear the streets of the hail, a common site during the winter months, but not so common in June.

The storm did millions of dollars of damage in the area, but fortunately, only a few minor injuries were reported.

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